Imad Barghouthi

Palestinian astrophysicist and professor Barghouthi was arrested on June 16, 2020. On August 2, 2020, after being detained for more than two weeks without explanation, he was charged with… More

Lama Khater

An outspoken critic of both the Israeli government and Palestinian Authority, Khater was arrested by Israeli soldiers in July 2018 and sentenced to 13 months in prison for alleged… More

Writers at Risk Database

Dareen Tatour

Tatour, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, was detained in 2015 for her poetry and social media posts and kept under house arrest for more than two years. She was… More

Dareen Tatour | Status: Released | Israel

Poet Dareen Tatour, a Palestinian citizen of Israel who has spent more than two years in jail or under house arrest since October 2015, was convicted on May 3,… More

Belarusian protesters in background; on top: “I Support PEN Belarus” and PEN America logo

Our sister organization PEN Belarus has spent years uplifting writers and supporting the freedom to write. Now, the government is trying to shut them down. Show your support and tell them they’re not alone.