Shimaa Samy

After writing criticism of the government’s detention of political prisoners on news website Darb, Samy was abducted in Alexandria by security forces on May 20, 2020 and held incommunicado… More

Sameh Haneen

On May 16, 2020, state security officers arrested Haneen, a freelance journalist and documentary producer, on charges of spreading false news, threatening national security, and joining a terrorist organization… More

Ahmed Naji | Status: In Exile | Egypt

Ahmed Naji was temporarily released from prison in Egypt on December 22, 2016, after his two-year prison sentence for “violating public modesty” was suspended by an appeals court on… More

Galal El Behairy

Galal El-Behairy | Status: Imprisoned | Egypt

Galal El-Behairy is an Egyptian poet, lyricist, and activist who has been in detention in Tora Prison in Cairo since March 2018. More