Gulmira Imin

Imin, a poet and Uyghur-language website moderator from China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2010 for “splittism, leaking state secrets, and organizing an illegal… More

Qasim Sidiq

Qasim Sidiq was detained by authorities in March, 2017, after which he disappeared. Nearly four years later his detention was confirmed. According to an RFA source, Sidiq’s song lyrics… More

Ablikim Kalkun

In late 2019, Uyghur comedian and singer Kalkun was reportedly sentenced to 18 years in prison for performing songs deemed politically sensitive, despite the fact they were earlier approved… More

Nagyz Muhammed

Muhammed worked in Altay’s State Intangible Cultural Heritage Office and was arrested for gathering with friends and expressing his opinion on policies in Xinjiang in 2018. He was sentenced… More

Gheyret Abdurahman

Uyghur scholar Abdurahman was detained in March 2018 for over a year after translating Nobel laureate Mo Yan’s book Red Sorghum because it was deemed “politically sensitive.” Abdurahman’s arrest… More

Perhat Tursun

Tursun is a renowned Uyghur writer of poetry, prose, and novels. He was denounced as anti-Islamic in the late 1990s for his work's themes of suicide, sexuality, and mental… More

Abduqadir Jalaleddin

Jalaleddin was arrested from his home in January 2018. Authorities provided no reason for his arrest and have not brought public charges against him. He is believed to be… More

Hailaite Niyazi Hairat, or Gheyret Niyaz

A former reporter and columnist, Niyazi also managed the Uyghurbiz website and had publicly criticized government policies toward Uyghurs. After a one-day sham trial in 2010, he was convicted… More

Abdukerim Rahman

Rahman is a renowned academic specializing in Uyghur folklore who has authored over 20 books, including History of Uyghur Culture and Uyghur Folk Literature. Reports indicate that Rahman was… More

Yalqun Rozi

Yalqun Rozi

Rozi is a Uyghur writer, literary critic, and historical researcher. Rozi was detained in October 2016 and formally arrested two months later for inciting separatism. Convicted in January 2018… More

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