Writers at Risk Database

Joshua Wong

Wong was imprisoned for four months in 2017 for unlawful assembly related to his role in the 2014 Occupy Central protests. Police continued to target Wong after his release.… More

Yuli Riswati

Riswati, an Indonesian citizen, covers Hong Kong pro-democracy protests with a focus on migrant workers and the unique struggles they face. She was deported to Indonesia in December 2019… More

Writers at Risk Database

Ma Jian

Chinese-born British author Ma Jian and his books have faced government censorship since his first publication Stick Out Your Tongue in 1988. After publishing The Dark Road in 2013,… More

Writers at Risk Database

Alex Chow

Pro-democracy youth activist Chow was imprisoned in August 2017 on charges of unlawful assembly for his role in the Occupy Central protests in 2014. He was released on bail… More