Words a Cell Can’t Hold

I had imagined being there beneath sunlight / with the procession of martyrs / using just the one thin bone / to uphold a true conviction More

Enoh Meyomesse:Ma Vie en Prison (francais)

Mes premiers jours ont été difficiles à Kondengui, où je suis arrivé jeudi 22 décembre 2011 à 14 heures, quoique, en comparaison aux trente passés en garde à vue… More

Autopsy Reports

Hi, I’m __________________. I am reading excerpts from a series of autopsy and death reports of detainees who died in U.S. custody in Iraq and Afghanistan.Autopsy Number: AO3-51.Date of… More

Days of Illegal Detention

Once again, on the afternoon of December 14, I was interrogated by agents of the Pudong Subdistrict Security Bureau. After two hours of small talk, they had asked about… More