What Metamorphosis is about: 

How unique we are. We have been created in God’s image. Created to be able to recreate and procreate. But what does this really mean?

What if women weren’t the only ones to get pregnant? What if the child we carried was a purpose, a dream, a destiny? What if we were pregnant and gave birth, yet didn’t know it because this pregnancy is invisible to the naked eye? If so many of these pregnancies and births happened daily, how would it affect our lives today if what has been invisible was suddenly made visible? How would it affect our lives if we saw not just the unseen pregnancies, but also the abortions and premature deaths that were previously hidden to the naked eye? What if we found out that we were pregnant, not with another life, but with our Selves, as with caterpillars and butterflies?

A caterpillar enters the womb of the cocoon and dies to the life of a caterpillar. In the process of this death, a caterpillar is transformed into a beautiful butterfly which then exits the cocoon. Born again, it flies away to begin its new life. Therefore, is this life all there is? How are WE born again? Also, if what we see around us is only a copy of what really is, what is heaven really like?

Enter into the world of Metamorphosis. Your life will never be the same again. How it ends varies per reader as this becomes your own rags to riches story.

ACT 1: Entering the Cocoon


(Interior of stage dark)

(In the b.g., a sound of a strong wind blowing)

Narrator: (v.o.) Alpha

(Fade In: Exterior oferior of Heaven– continuous action—clouds rolling, billowing towards a city in the sky.)

(Zoom in: Interior of clinic workshop—POV—in the brightly lit hallway many images pass by. Some seem to be flying. A door opens to one of many exam rooms. A Doctor works on what appears to be a female body lying on the examination table. Others, possible student doctors, stand nearby observing and listening quietly. The Doctor’s assistants, angels, operate the equipment placed throughout the room. A RESIDENT walks up to the Doctor and hands him a slip of paper. The Doctor reads it, folds it, then puts it in his pocket. He gives instructions to his assistants.)

Doctor: (In a deep make voice) Novus Ordo Seclorum

Superimpose over action—“A NEW ORDER FOR THE WORLD”

(POV—moves to stand with the other students)

Student #1: (O.C.whispering)E = MC^2

(Student #2 nods in agreement. In the b.g., the sound of a faint heartbeat gets stronger.)

Doctor: (filled with excitement)Annuit Coeptis

(Superimpose over action–“God has favored our undertaking”)

(Wideshot–soundof rejoicing. In the b.g., everyone is clapping and congratulating one another. The ANGELS are busy monitoring the data coming from the many monitors they have attended to/)

(Interior of clinic workshop: close-up—Doctor on phone. Hangs up phone. We follow as Doctor leaves out of workshop and heads down hallway to another door. After knocking, he enters and closes the door behind him.)

(Fade out)


(Fade In)

(Interior of clinic workshop—woman on table)

(Matchcut—Exterior of Earth)

(Interior of bedroom: Woman in bed as if she is asleep. Suddenly, she jumps up, runs to the bathroom and vomits in the toilet.)

Woman: (holding toilet for balance) Ack! Will this nausea ever stop?

(Tracking shot—She washes face in sink, rinses mouth, then goes into kitchen and opens the refrigerator. Looking for something to eat. She chooses a couple of items and begins eating.)

(Intercut– Fetus in womb—SPFX)

(Matchcut-sounds of heartbeat)

Woman &Fetus: (dual dialogue) I feel woozy!

(Intercut—Woman holds onto sink for a second after setting food on counter)

(Intercut—Fetus in womb—SPFX)

Fetus: What is IT feeding me? Does IT even know that I am here? Is IT purposely feeding me this garbage? I don’t have to accept this! I’m sending it back!!!

(Intercut– tracking shot—Woman runs back to bathroom toilet to vomit. After washing face, she looks at herself in the mirror and fixes her disheveled hair.)

Woman: (talking to reflection in mirror) I can’t believe that I am pregnant. What am I going to do with a baby?

(POV—walking into livingroom, looking around before heading for the stereo system. Sound of lite jazz—instrumental saxophone—fill the room)

Woman: Is it going to change my whole life! Am I ready for this? Should I keep it? (sighs)

(Tracking Shot—walking to recliner Woman plops down in it, pushes it back and throws arm over head as eyes close.)

What am I going to do?

(INTERCUT—Fetus in womb—SPFX)

Fetus: The sounds I hear are so soothing. Aah! I just want to stretch.

(Intercut– Woman in living room recliner sits up suddenly as if startled and grabs stomach)

Woman: Ouch! Was that a kick? Did you just kick me? Hi little guy! It’s me. Your mommy. How are you?

(Splitscreen—Woman rubbing her pregnant belly and talking to her unborn baby. Fetus in womb responds to the voice.)

(Dual dialogue)

Fetus: It sounds like IT is talking to me. Did IT just call me a guy? I’m not a guy, I’m a girl! Where are you? I can’t see you.

Woman: I’m so glad to know he is doing okay in there. He’s moving a lot. Ouch! He just kicked me again.

Fetus: I said I’m a girl!

(Fade out)

ACT 2: The Chamber of Fire


(Fade In)

(Exterior of Heaven)

(Interior of clinic workshop—POV—Woman on table hooked up to many monitoring machines. Vitals are taken. She is tended to with loving care.)

Doctor: I remember when I first decided that you were to come to be. I orchestrated events, setting the boundaries in place, and in the proper time you filled the empty space.

(Intercut—O.S.—Backstory—M.O.S.—Montage—Exterior of. Woman’s body)

(Interior of womb—character arc—SPFX—Fetus growing in womb)

(Splitscreen—continous action—pregnant Woman busy with preparing for the birth of the fetus.)

Doctor: (v.o.) I remember all of the chaos that surrounded the anticipation of your birth. Through it all I protected you in the womb as preparations were made for your arrival.

(Intercut-exterior of Heaven)

(Interior of clinic workshop—POV- Doctor dabs the forehead of the young Woman with a wet towel, brushes hair out of her face and takes one of her hands into his)

Doctor: (v.o.) The destiny on your life was so great that, on the day of your being brought home, the one carrying you fell

(Intercut– O.S.—backstory—M.O.S.—montage— exterior of Earth—character arc– young child grows up. continuous arc)

(Smashcut—exterior of Heaven– M.O.S.—montage—angels busy at work watching over and protecting their earthly charges)

(Continuous action)

Doctor(v.o.) I remember watching you grow, watching you explore all around you and watching your zest for life. I assigned a special crew to look over you, to cushion your journey as I went ahead of you to prepare your ending while you were still at the beginning. I smiled down on you as you took your first steps and said your first words. I was always there with you and for you although you never knew me.

(Intercut- clinic workshop—POV—Woman sitting up in hospital bed talking to a doctor who is taking notes. A group of student doctors stand nearby.)

Woman: I remember when time stood still

(Matchcut—O.S. backstory– M.O.S.—montage—exterior of Earth—character arc—young child growing up)

(Continuous action)

Woman: (v.o.) Everything was simple. Life was free from problems, stress, and anxiety for me

Doctor: (v.o.) Can you tell me when this was?

(Smashcut– Interior of clinic workshop)

Woman: (Eyes closed contemplatively) This was, this is, this will be

Doctor: (nods understandingly) Continue

Woman: I remember when there was the voices of laughter in the air…

(Smashcut– O.S.—backstory—M.O.S.—montage—exterior of Earth—character arc—young child at play in school)

(Continuous action)

Woman: (v.o.) …Children at play. I remember when there was struggle, there was passion, there was art, there was beauty in what was seen and unseen. No fear of the future …

(Smashcut– Interior of clinic workshop)

Woman: (looking perplexed) Can it be that what is seen now is what the fear was all about?

Doctor: (placing a hand on the Woman’s shoulder) Now is the future of the past; and now there is no fear of the future, for the present knows that it is the future of the past

(The Woman lays down to rest. Lights dim and activity surrounding her slows as she falls into a deep sleep. The Doctor, preparing to leave the room stops and looks back at her like a proud and loving father. Freeze frame)

(Flashback—M.O.S.—montage—interior of clinic wokshop—Doctor and Assistants are busy preparing for new life.)

(Splitscreen– continuous action—young Woman from teen to adult)


Doctor: I remember watching you grow, watching you explore all around you and watching your zest for life. I assigned a special crew to look over you, to cushion your journey as I went ahead of you to prepare your ending while you were still at the beginning. I smiled down on you as you took your first steps and said your first words. I was always there with you and for you although you never knew me.

(Establishing shot: exterior of Earth—close up: church—POV—inside church young Woman singing with choir. Continuous action– reversal– young Woman gets involved in one bad relationship after another.)

Doctor: (o.s.) I remember watching as you took all of your firsts. I remember it all, but especially do I remember when everyone who, with me, watched you grow, took their first gasps of horror as you fell into the murky darkness of despair. You were so young. They thought you were lost.

(Intercut—exterior of Heaven)

(Interior of clinic workshop—MOS—angels rushing frantically back and forth between work tables, monitoring machines, and other areas of the clinic. Some shook their heads in unbelief. Doctor authoritatively gives commands as he pushes himself to the limits while working on the patient.)

Doctor: (v.o.) I remember reminding them that my word that goes forth from my mouth would not return to me without results. I remember reminding them that I wrote not only your beginning, but your ending and that, even though you were spiraling towards your death, it would all work out for the good.

(Intercut– exterior of Earth—continuous action—young Woman just barely escaping an abusive relationship stands alone on front porch looking into the midnight sky. Freeze frame)

(Smashcut—exterior of Heaven)

(Interior of clinic workshop—all activity stops as the cry of the Woman’s heart echoes.)

Woman: (o.s.) I’m tired! I can’t do this anymore. Lord help me!

(Fade out)


(Fade in: interior of clinic workshop—cry of a woman in pain)

(Matchcut—exterior of Earth)

(Interior of hospital labor and delivery room—Woman screaming)

Woman: (panting) I’m tired. I can’t do this anymore. Lord help me!

Nurse: (preparing a shot) Hold on. I’m going to give you some Demerol to lessen the pain of the contractions.

Woman: (breathing heavily) Please hurry…hurry!

Nurse: (administering shot) There you go. It should kick in in a minute.

Nurse: checks fetal monitor as another contraction hits to measure the baby’s heartrate because the mom was not dilating as expected.

Nurse: How are the contractions now?

Woman: So much more bearable now. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Nurse: (checking the printout) The baby’s heartrate is okay. I have to go and get your paperwork in order, then I’ll be right back to see how far you have dilated.

Woman: (dozing off) OK. (shivering) I’m so cold.

Nurse: (putting a warmed blanket over the Woman) Try to get some rest while you can. I’ll have someone contact your family. I’ll be right back.

(Woman closes eyes as nurse hurries out of the room.)

(Flashback: Woman leaving out of a corner store after buying a few items.)

Woman: (talking on a cell phone) I had a Doctor’s appointment earlier this week. The baby is very healthy and a girl. She is getting big. I’ve gained 5 lbs. I think I’ll call her Beautiful. I was told to walk so that the baby will drop. It will be any day now.

(Splitscreen—SPFX—fully developed fetus prior to delivery.)

Fetus: I used to have a lot of room in here. I don’t know what happened. I’m beginning to feel cramped. Let me turn over this way (stretches) No, let me turn over the other way (stretches again) Aah! that’s a little better. (Shaking the lifeline) I need something to drink down here. I’m thirsty

Woman: (belching after drinking some juice)Ooh! My back aches. It’s been aching a lot lately and especially when my stomach gets hard. Uhm. (holding stomach while leaning against car)

Fetus: I used to have a lot of room in here. I don’t know what happened. I’m beginning to feel cramped. Let me turn over this way (stretches) No, let me turn over the other way (stretches again) Aah! That’s a little better. (shaking the lifeline) I need something to drink down here. I’m thirsty

Woman: (belching after some juice) Ooh! My back aches. It’s been aching a lot lately and especially when my stomach gets hard. Uhm (holding stomach while leaning against car) Maybe I need to go back to the Doctor to check this out.

(Fastforward—Woman at Doctor’s office. Legs in stirrups, she is checked for dilation, then rushed to an OBY Delivery room. Continuous action.)

(Splitscreen– M.O.S. –Woman prepped for delivery and pushing )

(Closeup on Fetus)

Fetus: (yelling) Stop pushing me! I am so cramped in here. There’s too much pressure. I can’t take it anymore! I can’t live under these conditions! I used to enjoy my life, but there is too much pressure on me now. My head hurts! I can’t take this anymore! Too much pressure! I don’t want to be here anymore! Everything has changed and I feel so out of control. Lord, if you can hear me please –I’d just rather die . . .


(Fade out)

ACT 3: A New Birth


Narrator: (v.o.) Omega

(Fade In)

(Exterior of Heaven: continuous action—clouds opening to reveal a city)

(Interior of clinic workshopr—POV—MOS—Doctor and assistants working on what appears to be a female body lying on an examination table)

Deep Male Voice: (o.s.).—(v.o.)Resurgan Respicefinem

(Superpose over action—“I shall rise again. Look to the end. Consider the outcome.”)

(Matchcut– exterior of Earth)

(Interior of hospital delivery room—M.O.S.—continuous action—woman gives birth—screams)

(Splitscreen– SPFX—Fetus dying)

Fetus: (screaming) Wait! I’m slipping! I’ve changed my mind! I don’t want to die! Wait! Wa –

(Matchcut comes out of the Woman’s womb crying. Out of a world of darkness and into a new world filled with light.)

Doctor: (smiling, hands new mother her baby)Here is your daughter

Woman: (crying joyfully) Hi my Beautiful. I’m your momma.

Baby: (female V.O.) (opening eyes) That voice sounds so familiar. I think I know it. It kept me when I was in the darkness. I can see you! I can finally see you!

Narrator: (v.o.) To die in one world is to live in another. Let him who has ears hear what the spirit says to the congregations.—Ephphatha

(Superimpose over action—“Be Opened”)

(Fade out)

ACT 4: Back Home


(Fade In—Exterior of Earth)

(Interior of home of baby– continuous action—baby grows up.)

(Smashcut—Exterior of Heaven)

(Interior of clinic workshop—M.O.S.—Woman sits up on bed and puts on robe and slippers. Doctor comes in, takes her hand, and leads her to an enclosed butterfly garden. Where she excitedly chases the butterflies and explores the various stages of caterpillar and larvae. Doctor watches over her, directing her attention to different stages of growth before sitting down with her to eat lunch and talk. Continuous action.)

Doctor: (v.o.) I remember the sadness that was felt as you descended deeper and deeper towards the grave. Even though you fell, I sent my attendants to watch over you. I allowed you to experience the hardships because obedience is learned through the things suffered. It hurt me to see you sad because you are my daughter. Your greatest strength became your greatest weakness keeping you from seeing me. Yet I waited patiently for you, even answering some of your requests even though you didn’t realize it was me. As I watched you slip further away, I had to make a hard but necessary choice. I had to remove all protection from you and allow you to die, for death is only the beginning of a new life. So that you could be reborn, you had to enter in through jail’s gates, but there was no need to worry because my son, the Master Worker Jesus, holds all of the jail house keys. He opens doors that no one can close and closes doors that no one can open. So, even though you were locked behind physical bars, in actuality, you became unbound. I remember all of the rejoicing, happiness and glee, for you were no longer blind. Finally, you could see. And like a proud parent of a newborn child, I held you oh so close to me and kept you free from blame. Of your own free will you sought after and questioned me. The truth, that I never left your side, I helped you to see. It felt so good to finally commune with you. I had so much to teach you.

Doctor: . . . and now look at you, my princess, quite the warrior you’ve become. I haven’t forgotten all of the promises I’ve made you. Very soon you will receive them all.

Woman: (talking to the Doctor) Now that I sit and remember what today is my past, I also realize that tomorrow, today will be the past. So if I was to look at today as if I’m in tomorrow, blessed be, I can see that I’m remembering now when I first became free

(Flashback– MOS—Woman reflects on her growth past to present.)

(Matchcut—Exterior of Earth—Child grows to be woman that was pregnant. Continuous action)

Woman: (v.o.) I remember when I took my first steps, a little wobbly at first. I fell a lot trying to walk in a manner that was new to me. Yet as I fell, I also learned from my falls so that I’m now walking more assuredly. I can even run a little. How elated I felt to finally overcome the barriers of communicating with those around me. Initially, it was so difficult for me to conceive the process in which I now find myself. I’m seeing things as if for the first time. I am seeing life. I simply see me and for a moment, my past, my present and my future all connects into this minute that I call now.

(Lady holding baby. Baby grows and morphs into the lady holding herself.)

(Fade out)