Ms. Marilynn Whittamore
Route 2
Olney, TX 7637k

Only the Responsible Respond
A bold challenge was confronted by Jesus’ disciples when he admonished them to leave their homes, take no provisions for the journey, and preach the gospel.
As they departed, they probably felt human fears such as any would experience, but their arms stretched out to embrace the many adventures waiting for them just over the horizon of the new world into which they thrust themselves.
From time immemorial there have been those people who vociferously protest the type of action initiated by the disciples as that of foolish men. Yet the world must have this type of men to progress in any field of endeavor. Naivete’ was not a traveling companion, but faith obviously was…faith in Jesus, faith in themselves to accomplish their task, and most of all, I believe, faith in the unknown people they proposed to meet upon this fascinating and equally fearful journey. They heard and answered a call which still beckons to all who will hear it.
“Come and drink of my vineyards of joy and sorrow,” Life summons quietly, but determinedly, to the few who are willing to fully embrace her, to drink of her wild intermingling of sweetness and gall. Jesus’ disciples heard this call, and once having heard it, could not, and indeed would not deny its personal plea to their attentive ears. Surely life must wish that there were more “listeners”…more warriors willing to take up the sword and battle against the evils therein.
“But I have heard nothing,” humanity is heard to say.
True enough, this is a painfully true picture of the morass of humanity as it plods along aimlessly upon the world’s stage, never establishing worthy goals, seemingly contented just to “live and die.” How can they live when they have really never been born? How can they die when they have really been dead forever?
This is the true sadness of humanity having heard nothing; he did not wish to hear anything…not the plea of the Master, nor the plea of the peoples of the world bereft forever of whatever talents he could have contributed.
That they would take no provisions for their journey seems the supreme test of the faith of the disciples, and appears to be an incredible restriction made by a loving master. Could it be that Jesus knew that they must have more than food to satiate the hunger within them, that mere provisions alone would starve the searching soul?
Life is a truly immense journey!