III. Slate of Candidates Offered

Slate of PEN America Officer and Term Trustee Candidates
submitted by the Nominating and Governance Committee
with the approval of the full Board of Trustees of PEN America
March 2017


President: Andrew Solomon
Executive Vice President: Markus Dohle
Vice President: Masha Gessen
Vice President: Tracy Higgins
Treasurer: Yvonne Marsh

TERM TRUSTEES (third 3-year terms)
Wendy Gimbel
Annette Tapert
Chris Oberbeck

TERM TRUSTEES (second 3-year terms)
Roxanne Donovan
Jeanmarie Fenrich
Tracy Higgins
Sevil Miyhandar
Theresa Rebeck

TERM TRUSTEES (initial 3-year terms)
Markus Dohle
Lauren Embrey
Saeed Jones
Zachary Karabell
Dinaw Mengestu
Hanya Yanagihara