James Jones, 81574
PO Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837

When I got busted, well my lady laid right in there.  I mean, I didn’t get many visits but her writing was on “T”.  We vibed on the mail; can you dig a heavy rapport or getting deep into love while in jail?!  Hey!  Love is a trip.  After I’d get a letter from my queen I’d sit down immediately if not sooner to give up some thought relevant to us, then I would place it on the bottom of the stack.  Sometimes I’d just sit down and read them from the first to last and just write and give up more thought on something I didn’t dig the first sitting.

How much she loved me, how she would wait and how no man could please her in “the fashion” I could.  Yes, it was deep and then helping her with the problems she had dealing with family and friends.  Hey! I even wrote her mother once, you know, keeping the family thing tight.  Cause a family was what it was gonna be.  My woman said forever wasn’t too long for her to wait…

Well, I got twelve years.  My woman couldn’t make it to court but I could dig that.  I mean the man shot me out in left field; I know what it would’ve done to my love.  I called her and told her what it was.  I told her I’d have to do about four.  I said, “Baby, that’s a pretty long time to wait for a single young lady, isn’t it?”  After the man shot them twelve years under me, I was in the mood for a little consolation.  But I guess she was too, cause all she said was, “Yes, it sure is, isn’t it?”

Well, I could dig it.  A woman is weaker than a lot of men sometimes.  I mean all women can’t always be strong.  So I started writing her more…you know, to tighten up her spirit cause we was getting ready to jail and strength was needed.  I didn’t hear from her too tough and I began to worry for her.  I know how people can really harass you out there.  Something was wrong; in two months I’d received two letters.  So I wrote and asked her to let me help.  Another month passed and then one day mail came in that familiar handwriting.  It wasn’t much, just one page, but it seems she’s found true love.  Hey! She said she didn’t want to hurt me and I got to believe her.  I mean love is deep.  She signed her letter, “Be easy.”

So I put the letter in the stack but on the top.  You know something?  Everytime I start to read the letters, I can’t ever get past the first letter.  The one on top.  I mean, can you dig a heavy rapport or getting deep into love while in jail…

I know its a deep trip, but life is funny that way.