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Media outlets in Angola face tighter restrictions after legal crackdown
The government of Angola has approved a new set of laws that gives total control of media to the Angolan Social Communications Regulatory Body, which will have the powers to “enforce compliance with professional journalistic ethics and standards” and “verify compliance by radio and television operators.” INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES

Israel extends Palestinian journalist’s detention
Israeli authorities have extended by three months the detention without trial of a Palestinian journalist, Omar Nazzal, who had been due for release on Monday. DAILY MAIL

Protest over election ban on Hong Kong pro-independence activists
Hundreds of protesters marched through Hong Kong’s main streets on Sunday against a ban on pro-independence candidates from running in an upcoming legislative election, as fears grow over Beijing’s influence in the city. HONG KONG FREE PRESS

Nigerian blogger and journalist arrested and released for critical comments
Musa Azare, a Nigerian blogger and journalist who was opposed to the Bauchi State government was arrested on Saturday for “Cyber Stalking”; He was “abducted” by people in “Police uniforms,” and was later released after the Governor of Bauchi State returned from business trip in China. BELLA NAJIA

What’s it like being LGBT in Turkey?
Protests took place in Istanbul, over the recent murder of Hande Kader, a transgender woman and rights activist. Despite homosexuality being legal in Turkey since 1923, reports of harassment and abuse are common. In July, transgender and gay pride marches were banned because of threats from ultra-nationalists. THE GUARDIAN

You may face 3 years jail term for viewing Torrent websites in India
After a brief and fumbling ban on porn, the Indian government seems to be trying ban torrents. If you visit a torrent website, you might be committing a crime, one that earns a 3 lakh (about $1,600) fine and 3 years in jail. THE TIMES OF INDIA