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Irish journalists threatened by Dublin crime gangs
Independent News and Media confirmed that some of their reporters had been informed by the Irish police that their safety was at risk. The threats emerged after two deaths in less than a week in a vicious feud between two rival gangs, which was sparked by an armed assault on a boxing bout weigh-in at a Dublin hotel last Friday. THE GUARDIAN

Mob attacks Indian journalist’s home, threatens her with death
Assailants on Monday pelted Malini Subramaniam’s home in Bastar with rocks, shattering the rear window of her car. The mob accused her of supporting Maoist groups and chantted, “Death to Malini Subramaniam.” THE INDIAN EXPRESS

Russian court shuts down human rights group in continued crackdown
The Agora human rights association, which has defended many Russians caught in the crosshairs of the Kremlin and the courts, was ordered shut Wednesday by a regional court, potentially silencing one more voice in a continued Russian crackdown on independent civil society. THE WASHINGTON POST

United Arab Emirates: Jordanian journalist held incommunicado
Al-Najjar, a Jordanian journalist working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has been held incommunicado since the UAE Criminal Investigations Department in Abu Dhabi summoned him on December 13, 2015. HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH

China’s young reporters give up on journalism: ‘You can’t write what you want’
An increasingly bleak financial situation facing newspapers as they struggle to adapt to the digital age and the ever greater constraints being placed by President Xi Jinping’s authoritarian regime on what can and cannot be reported are two driving forces hollowing out Chinese newsrooms, experts say. THE GUARDIAN