Facebook targets accounts after meeting with Israeli government
A new report from a Palestinian rights organization has found that the number of incidents in which people—including many journalists—have been arrested for social media posts has drastically increased in the last year.

Yahoo scanning order unlikely to be made public
Obama administration officials briefed key congressional staffers last week about a secret court order to Yahoo Inc. that prompted it to search all users’ incoming emails for a still undisclosed digital signature, but they remain reluctant to discuss the unusual case with a broader audience.

Azerbaijan sentences youth activist to 10 years in prison
Azerbaijan on Tuesday sentenced a pro-democracy activist to 10 years in prison as the ex-Soviet state faces growing criticism over its crackdown on dissent.

University of Cape Town activist to stay in jail
Student activist Masixole Mlandu will remain in custody until his bail application next week. He has been active in movements that have questioned the need to pay university fees, why the university’s artwork depicts colonial heroes, and its syllabus reflecting a Eurocentric academic program.

Over 120 arrested at North Dakota pipeline protests, including journalists
North Dakota police arrested more than 120 people over the weekend at Native American oil pipeline protests, including film-makers and journalists, prompting accusations that law enforcement officials are stifling free speech and using excessive force against peaceful protesters.


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