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Turkish journalist sued by state stripped of legal rights over her children
Turkish journalist Arzu Yıldız has been sentenced to 20 months in jail and stripped of legal rights over her children for breaching the confidentiality of a court case, her lawyer has said, raising further concern about deteriorating press freedoms. THE GUARDIAN

The long arm of Chinese censorship reaches South Korea
In recent months, incidents of Communist Party restrictions on free expression extending beyond China’s borders have occurred across Asia. Now South Korea, a leading democracy in the region, has joined this disturbing trend. FREEDOM HOUSE

Syrian journalist survives targeting by rebel group
The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns a rebel group’s attempted assassination of a Syrian journalist working for state media in Aleppo. The May 14 attack, the latest example of armed groups on all sides of the conflict targeting journalists, left four journalists and media workers seriously injured. CPJ

Google takes right to be forgotten battle to France’s highest court
Google is appealing to France’s highest court over a legal ruling that could require it to choose between leaving France, or censoring its search results worldwide. The search firm has filed an appeal with the Conseil d’État, the French court with the final say over matters of administrative law, in an attempt to overturn a ruling from the country’s data protection authority (CNIL), which would greatly extend the remit of the so-called “right to be forgotten”. THE GUARDIAN

Planned new UK laws on extremism threaten free speech
The government’s plans to tackle extremism through a “new civil order regime” and other measures must not undermine the very values it aims to defend, free expression organisations said on Wednesday. ARTICLE 19

Chilean reporters launch investigative journalist network
After several years of efforts to create a common space for discussion and cooperation and to improve tools to carry out high-quality journalism, the Chilean Journalists’ Network was officially launched on May 3. The president of the board of the newly inaugurated network, Chilean journalist Paulette Desormeaux, told Puro Periodismo that they seek to appeal to all their colleagues from around the country to join this group of investigative journalists, in their personal capacity, to exchange practical experiences and problems they face in their profession. KNIGHT CENTER FOR JOURNALISM