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U.K. intelligence spied on human rights group Amnesty International
A special U.K. court that oversees Britain’s spy agencies revealed Thursday that intelligence agents intercepted communications from human rights organization Amnesty International and held that information for longer than permissible. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
U.S. government allegedly spied on journalists in Germany
The German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel has filed a criminal complaint with the German Federal Prosecutors office wherein it claims its journalists were the victims of a spying campaign, based on documents it has obtained. THE VERGE
XKEYSCORE: How the most invasive mass surveillance tool used by FiveEyes works
The NSA’s XKEYSCORE program sweeps up countless people’s Internet searches, emails, documents, usernames and passwords, and other private communications. The reach and potency of XKEYSCORE as a surveillance instrument is astonishing. THE INTERCEPT
New Chinese law reinforces government control of cyberspace
China passed sweeping legislation on Wednesday that reinforces government controls over cyberspace. The law calls for strengthened management over the web and tougher measures against the spread of illegal or harmful information. TOP TECH NEWS
Tech companies say they might be forced to reveal company secrets under a new Chinese security law
Some tech industry groups worry that China’s new security law could give third parties access to company secrets, including source codes and encryption keys. The law calls for a review of the tech industry and foreign investments in China, and asks that tech industry giants be “secure and controllable.” BUSINESS INSIDER
Kazakhstan: libel trial rekindles fears of media muzzling
“Lately, authorities have started reacting sharply not only to criticism, but simply to objective coverage of information,” journalist Tatyana Panchenko said. “Here even being a mirror [of events] is dangerous.” THE MOSCOW TIMES
Iceland makes blasphemy legal
Iceland’s parliament has abolished its blasphemy laws, despite opposition from some of the country’s churches. BBC
Concerns in Japan over press freedom clampdown
A number of ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers have come under fire for trying to undermine the freedom of the Japanese media and while some of them have been removed from their party posts, the controversy is not subsiding. CHANNEL NEWS ASIA
Zimbabwe: Jailed journalist released on bail
Patrick Chitongo, the Chiredzi-based journalist who was recently jailed for a year for publishing a newspaper without a license was on Thursday granted bail despite the state opposing it. THE ZIMBABWEAN
Bangladesh: The unspoken and the unspeakable
More than freedom of expression is under threat in Bangladesh, where the policing of dissent has led to a high-profile court case. NEW INTERNATIONALIST