Four Selected Poems

1. To A Friend

We ever drank the same water in Yong River
And became crazy youth in campus one after another.
We will meet as firmly as a rock standing in wind and rain
Despite nowhere to seek each other after overcoming disaster!
August 2005
2. The Fall Time
The fall time is longer than expected in recollection
But shorter than a drop of rain.
On the cane stand by old house  hanging is a calabash of last year,
That always kept silence to the stories in reality or in fiction.
Into the crevice of stone wall, seeped with the water of rain
There was also a small lizard in green.
It stood on my keyboard, and turned its eyes protruding,
Appearing to hint that I should go out for something.
As my hometown fell in lazy fall sun completely,
Casting aside the book in my hand, I started to pack my luggage.
October 2005
3. Mother Earth
One must get strength from mother earth! Bend down
And let the cheek close to the ground, to position with the insects, fallen leafs and dried grasses at the same standpoint.
Feel the breath of soil,
And listen to the whizzing from the deep earth which indicates the spring swiftly and violently approaching.
Due to sunlight, the eyes shut indoor long time are flowing tears,
Due to the mountain wind after morning fog,  the sad vegetation becomes joyful!
A maritime area is open cutting from the rock slit,
And her sky blue and vastness are just the nature presented by Mother Earth.
A kind of voice walked out of the mainland,
Whitman, Neruda and my friends have already started singing!
Mother Earth! No one can betray her,
Nor even strangle the fact that Mother Earth is rejuvenating.
One who gets strength from Mother Earth is the one to whom God grants happiness
An ant has climbed up the bridge of my nose, gently yelling: Mother Earth!
April 2006
4. Who Weeps for You, Aegean Sea
In my hands, Aegean Sea, the huge sky blue like myth is
Suddenly stifled. Who are weeping?
The beautiful princess in Phoenicia, your Zeus,
Your Crete, and your goddess of love Aphrodite.
Aegean Sea, sliding from my hands,
Has stopped breathing. A drop of blood, has flowed
from ancient Greece to the spring in 2006. Who are weeping?
Your children who spread in another corner of the world,
The people who cannot fall asleep at night, and every
Noble soul who yearns for freedom.
I remembered that night, when crossing Greek Peninsula and
Asia Minor, with Europe fragrance,  you, Aegean Sea,
Arrived into my dream.
At that moment, even talks during sleep became distinct:
Stealing the Western fire, to boil the Eastern tripod.
Even the palpitation was not so timid as that in the past.
The lies and truth, the evil and justice, the dark and light
Have gradually become clear under yours blue waves.
Who are weeping? Just in this afternoon
The singing of Aegean Sea, was cut at your throat.
On the screen
Between my powerless fingers
Your pale body due to the loss of blood, like a marble statue, fell down
From the sky blue in dream the blood dripped at once.
Oh, Aegean Sea, with a bow and arrows on your shoulder and a pair of wings on your back,
Who are weeping?
A drop of blood has flowed from ancient Greece to the spring in 2006.
The cold wave raided surprisingly, raining and snowing simultaneously.
Innumerably times, I have started your domain name, Aegean Sea
But your beautiful looks have appeared nowhere to search.
In the spring when being silenced to make no sound, and when hesitating to go nowhere
Aegean Sea, who are still weeping for you!
March 13, 2006, before dawn.