Fight Back Against Book Bans: Tell State Lawmakers that Americans Don’t Want Censorship

Since the fall of 2021, PEN America has counted nearly 6,000 book bans across the country. 

This Banned Books week, PEN America + We Believe are joining forces with a diverse group of publishers and advocates to sign an open letter about banned books and launch a letter-writing campaign to let our state leaders know that we have had enough.

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Letter to your Governor and State Legislators

Did you know that four in five Americans say they would be less likely to support a candidate in 2024 who is in favor of implementing book bans, according to a new poll from Ipsos and We Believe?

I am writing to share my concerns about attempts to ban books in our state and across the country. According to a new report by PEN America, more than 3,362 books were banned from our kids’ classrooms in just the last year, and the numbers are growing. That’s why I’m urging you, my elected representative, to stand against classroom censorship.

America’s children are our future. Preparing them to lead and succeed in our increasingly diverse and complicated world starts with protecting their freedom to read, learn, and grow. Our nation’s strength has always come from the free flow of speech and ideas. We should be modeling these ideals for our kids—not ripping books from their shelves.

Thank you for your time and attention to this crucial matter. I look forward to hearing about your commitment to protecting the right of all our children to read and learn without censorship.

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