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U.S. Election Safety Summer: Protecting Mental Health In The Face Of Online And Offline Attacks

In an election year where journalists are facing intense pressure, how do we find ways to sustain ourselves from collective burnout? IWMF Next Generation Safety Trainer Rosem Morton will discuss how trauma affects journalists in this webinar on navigating mental health and self-care. The IWMF will also present resources available for journalists, including A Mental Health Guide for Journalists Facing Online Violence released in 2022. This resource was created with the needs of journalists in mind by mental health professionals specialized in working in trauma and the media.



Rosem Morton is a documentary photographer, registered nurse, and safety consultant based in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a National Geographic Explorer whose work focuses on daily life amidst gender, health, and racial adversity. Rosem uses her camera to explore issues from the effects of gender-based violence and the unheard stories of healthcare workers to the forgotten histories that have shaped Filipino culture and migration.