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U.S. Election Safety Summer: Journalist Safety Covering The Election: Protests, Policing And Crowds

This training, led by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), equips journalists with knowledge to safely cover election-related protests, civil unrest, and crowded events. The training will focus on physical safety and include information on situational awareness, assessing risk, dealing with aggression, police tactics, personal protective equipment, and protest management weaponry.



Lucy Westcott is director of CPJ’s Emergencies Department. She oversees CPJ’s assistance and safety work worldwide. Prior to joining CPJ, Westcott was a staff writer for Newsweek, where she covered gender and immigration. She has reported for outlets including The Intercept, Bustle, The Atlantic, and Women Under Siege, and was a United Nations correspondent for the Inter Press Service.

Colin Pereira is CPJ’s journalist safety specialist. For more than 15 years, he has worked to shape the risk management model for journalists operating under threat. He is a Director at HP Risk Management, a consultancy assisting companies and media organizations operating in fragile environments. Previously he was head of security for ITN and Deputy Head of BBC High Risk Team.