The Mean Streets

When: Friday, May 2
Where: Scandinavia House: 58 Park Ave.
What time: 5–6:30 p.m.

With Christian Jungersen, Jo Nesbø, Roberto Saviano, and Juan Gabriel Vásquez; moderated by S.J. Rozan

Free and open to the public. No reservations.

Cosponsored by The American-Scandinavian Foundation and The Italian Cultural Institute

A rich tradition of crime and noir fiction has explored society’s underground and the secret dealings that happen far from the public gaze but have far-reaching implications. Join Christian Jungersen from Denmark, whose novel The Exception has received numerous honors; Jo Nesbø from Norway, whose crime fiction has been translated into over 30 languages; Roberto Saviano from Italy, who has been threatened by Neapolitan crime organizations following the publication of his best-selling book Gomorrah; and Juan Gabriel Vásquez from Colombia, whose novel The Informers was selected as one of the best Colombian novels of the last 25 years. They’ll be joined by noted crime novelist S.J. Rozan, who will guide us through the mean streets.


From the PEN Blogs

• Marlon James
I could call it the bad boys panel, but that would seem glib not to mention reductive. [More]

• Antoni Romani
Ho ritrovato Roberto Saviano all’incontro organizzato da PEN alla Scandinavia House, Venerdì 2 maggio, sul tema delle “cattive strade” che in senso fisico, ma anche metaforico, inducono alcuni autori ad esplorare gli aspetti più deteriori delle nostre società. [More]

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