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Faith & Reason: Writers Speak


<p>April 26, 2006 | The Town Hall | New York City<br />
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Readings by Chinua Achebe, Martin Amis, Gioconda Belli, E. L. Doctorow, David Grossman, Elias Khoury, Yusef Komunyakaa, Toni Morrison, Zadie Smith, Duong Thu Huong, Ayu Utami, Jeanette Winterson, and Salman Rushdie; introduced by Salman Rushdie.<br />
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&bull; Salman Rushdie offers introductory remarks and reads from Shalimar the Clown<br />
&bull; Chinua Achebe reads from Things Fall Apart<br />
&bull; Martin Amis reads excerpts from a longer piece on Islam<br />
&bull; Gioconda Belli reads an essay on faith in the modern world<br />
&bull; E. L. Doctorow reads &quot;Why We Are Infidels&quot;<br />
&bull; David Grossman reads from The Yellow Wind<br />
&bull; Elias Khoury reads from Gate of the Sun<br />
&bull; Yusef Komunyakaa reads &quot;Thanks&quot; and &quot;Ode to the Maggot&quot;<br />
&bull; Toni Morrison reads from Paradise<br />
&bull; Zadie Smith reads from On Beauty<br />
&bull; Duong Thu Huong reads &quot;The Final Salvation&quot;<br />
&bull; Ayu Utami reads &quot;Smell&quot;<br />
&bull; Jeanette Winterson discusses the role of books and faith in her life<br />
&bull; Salman Rushdie reads from The Satanic Verses</p>