European Literature Night 2023

Czech Center New York and EUNIC New York, in cooperation with the Ukrainian Institute of America and PEN America, are proud to present another edition of the European Literature Night. The evening will introduce 11 European authors through readings and discussions. The evening will feature multilingual readings, a musical performance, panel discussions and Q&As, introducing the audience to the best of contemporary European literature.

Authors, translators, and performers representing 11 European countries will gather at the Ukrainian Institute of America for an evening of cultural exchanges and conversations exploring the way history has shaped the current crises facing Europe and the power of literature to unearth the truths about how we live and understand the role of writers in times of war and political upheavals.

European Literature Night 2023 is presented by members of EUNIC New York cluster in collaboration with PEN America. The program will feature two panel discussions, moderated by Sabir Sultan, the Associate Director of the World Voices Festival and Literary Programs, and Clarisse Rosaz Shariyf, Chief Program Officer, Literary Programming, both at PEN America.

European Literature Night, which brings some of the best European writers and contemporary literature to New York’s audiences and readers, is a celebration of stories, authors, and cultures from across the continent. Annually, the event is a brilliant and lively showcase of a diverse and wide range of contemporary writers across many genres, from fiction and poetry, to memoir and histories.



Lore Segal, Kateřina Tučková, Kätlin Kaldmaa, Sanaé Lemoine, Anja Kampmann, Laima Vincė Sruoginis, Anna Frajlich-Zajac, Pedro Henriques da Silva, Kat Mustatea, Kirmen Uribe, Andrey Kurkov