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How Cognitive Biases Make Us Vulnerable to Disinformation – and What We Can Do about It

Photos of Kurt Sampsel, Thomas Martinez, and Kristy Roschke


Many of us assume that we won’t be influenced by false, misleading, and incomplete information because we’re smart, thoughtful people. But the reality is that simply having a human brain makes us vulnerable. The reason? When we’re faced with information overload and the need to make frequent decisions, we all take mental shortcuts, and those shortcuts lead to trouble.

In this webinar, Kurt Sampsel of PEN America will provide an overview of some of the most common cognitive biases that shape how we consume information, followed by a conversation with Thomas Martinez of the Fort Worth Report and Kristy Roschke of Arizona State University about how we all can reduce the influence of cognitive biases and become more resilient consumers of news and information.

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