Celebrating Salman Rushdie’s Victory City

Be part of an unmissable evening celebrating the literary genius of Salman Rushdie. Two global stars of the book world, Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman, chaired by Erica Wagner, will be joining forces to discuss Salman Rushdie’s new novel, Victory City, with special readings by Sarita Choudhury for this exclusive online event, dedicated to the power of storytelling.

This event is FREE to watch. For UK customers, the ‘stream and book bundle’ package includes a unique ticket for the stream, and a copy of Victory City (RRP £20) deliverable to any UK address. For US customers, in partnership with The Strand Bookstore, the ‘stream and book bundle’ package includes a unique ticket for the stream and a copy of Victory City($30 RRP) deliverable to any US address*. For Canadian customers, the ‘stream and book bundle’ package includes a unique ticket for the stream and a copy of Victory City ($34.60) deliverable to any Canadian address. For customers who do not live in these territories there is a separate international option available. 

The event will be broadcast twice on February 9 at 6:30pm UK time and 6:30pm EST. It will be available to view up to two weeks after the event has ended and can be accessed worldwide. If you live in a time zone that does not suit the initial broadcast time you can watch it at any point after the initial showing for two weeks.

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Victory City is an epic tale set in fourteenth-century southern India that holds a powerful message for us all now: our power is fleeting, but our stories last forever. This is Salman Rushdie at his best. 

After losing her mother, nine-year-old Pampa Kampana has a divine encounter that will change the course of history. The child becomes a vessel for the goddess Pampa, for whom she was named, who begins to speak out of the girl’s mouth and grant powers beyond comprehension. The goddess foretells that Pampa will be instrumental in the rise of a great city called Bisnaga – literally ‘victory city’ – the wonder of the world.

After whispering Bisnaga and its citizens into existence, Pampa Kampana attempts to make good on the task that the goddess set for her: to give women equal agency in a patriarchal world. But all stories have a way of getting away from their creator, and Bisnaga is no exception. As years pass, rulers come and go, battles are won and lost, and allegiances shift, the very fabric of the city becomes an ever more complex tapestry.

This is a feminist fable of love, adventure and myth and a testament to the power of storytelling.

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