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Bystander Intervention To Stop Online Harassment: How To Be An Ally When You Witness Abuse Online

In this free, one-hour, interactive training, we’ll give you the tools you need to intervene safely and effectively in online abuse using Right To Be’s 5Ds of bystander intervention. First, we’ll talk through what online harassment is and how to identify abusive tactics. We’ll discuss the severe impact online abuse can have – on well being, livelihoods, and free expression – and how it’s drowning out voices that urgently need to be heard in public discourse. Then, we’ll share concrete strategies for how to distract, delegate, document, delay, or directly intervene in a way that is safe, effective, and centered on the needs of the person being targeted.

Join us.


Mari Galicer is a technologist and educator working at the intersection of privacy, safety, and software. As a digital security trainer, she aims to create accessible and collaborative spaces for learning about digital safety, centered in the needs of those not traditionally represented in journalism and tech. As a researcher and software developer, she has worked with Mozilla, ACLU, NYU, and several start ups. She is currently a product manager for consumer privacy at Cloudflare.

Danielle Cannon (she/her) is an educator and trainer from the metro Detroit area. She has a fierce passion for helping others and believes that learning never stops. She has loved being an advocate for young children because they often cannot advocate for themselves. Inspiring children to dream and be confident in themselves has long been her personal mission. She holds bachelor’s degrees in elementary education and early childhood studies from Michigan State University and Rochester University, respectively. She has led a successful afterschool program, taught in K-12 charter schools, and assisted in directing a Great Start Readiness Program for preschoolers. She began to spark connections and build relationships with her students’ families by doing these things. This led her to broaden her horizons and begin to help educate adults through professional developments and workshops. She has a thirst for knowledge and believes that it is something to be shared with everyone. She plans to continue to empower others in hopes that we will all live a life that we truly love.