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Banned Books Week 2019: Banned Books Week(end) at Deep Vellum

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Join Deep Vellum Publishing and Books on Saturday, September 28 to celebrate banned and challenged books from around the world. This event will feature literary karaoke of banned titles, including The Poetry Project’s BREAK OUT reading by an incarcerated writer, a screening of Phoneme Media’s short film Kilómetro Cero about the persecuted Equitorial Guinean writer Marcelo Ensemo Nsang, literary crafts, and a giveaway featuring challenged books from Deep Vellum and Phoneme’s catalog. Titles include The Conspiracy by Israel Centeno (Venezuela), An Eternity in Tangiers by Eyoum Nganguè and Faustin Titi (Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire), Rituals of Restlessness by Yaghoub Yadali (Iran), and more.

Self-guided activities will be available all day September 28. Readings will begin at 4pm, followed by the film screening.