The Closing of the Russian Mind? A Conversation on Expression and Creativity in Putin's Russia

A discussion about the experience of creative intellectuals in modern Russia with Masha Gessen in conversation with four of today's noted Russian literary figures. This was a rare opportunity to hear how the Russian government is using media, literature, and other forms of creative expression to control the narrative of the past and present.

Ludmila Ulitskaya is one of the most widely read and internationally acclaimed writers of the contemporary Russian literature. Maria Stepanova is a poet, critic and independent journalist, and winner of the Andre Bely Prize in 2005. Anna Nemzer is a young Russian novelist with an expanding following and a finalist for the Belkin prize. Ilya Danishevsky is a publisher as well as a writer and poet. He is chief editor at the Vremena publishing house and focuses on authors who challenge the official discourse. 

Watch the full program from the JCC of Manhattan below:

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