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President Trump complains about Google search results for “Trump News” and asks if illegal. Facebook bans Myanmar’s army commander in chief and others as it tries to address role of misinformation and hate speech in violence against Rohingya minorities. In statement read after his death, Sen. John McCain says America weakens its greatness when “we hide behind walls rather than tear them down.” -Dru Menaker, Chief Operating Officer


The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


Trump Wakes Up Complaining About Negative Google Search Results About Himself. ‘Illegal?’
In a pair of tweets posted before 6 a.m., the president said the search results for “Trump News” included only “the viewing/reporting of Fake New Media.” Google search results are affected not only by region but also by personal search history.

Facebook Removes Accounts Associated with Myanmar Military
In an unusually prompt move, Facebook pages and accounts of the Mynamar military, known as the Tatmadaw, were deleted just minutes after the UN fact-finding mission released its damning report.

John McCain, in Final Message Before Death, says ‘Do Not Despair of Our Present Difficulties’
Sen. John McCain, in a final message to the United States written before his death, said that he “lived and died a proud American” and expressed hope that the country would emerge from its current trials “stronger than before.”

New Tumblr Guidelines Crack Down on Hate Speech, Sexual Images, and Deepfakes
Tumblr will introduce a new set of community guidelines, according to an official announcement, in an attempt to crack down on hate speech, harassment, gore, and non-consenting sexual images that may appear through deepfake technology.

U.S. Judge Extends Ban of Online 3-D Printed Gun Blueprints
A U.S. federal judge extended a ban on the online distribution of 3-D printed gun blueprints, a win for a group of mainly Democratic-led states that said the publication would violate their right to regulate firearms and endanger their residents.


Protesters Call for Sentsov’s Release Outside Russian Embassy in Prague *PEN Case List
Dozens of people gathered to demand the release of jailed Ukrainian film maker Oleg Sentsov and other prisoners of conscience. The gathering lasted exactly 107 minutes, symbolizing the 107 days that Sentsov has been on a hunger strike in prison.

“Fake News” and Unrest in Nicaragua
“I asked who they were: soldiers? policemen? ‘We’re just ordinary citizens who want to defend the government, and our country, from terrorists,’… There had been a lot of ‘noticias falsas’—fake news. But [he said] I should believe him.”

Beating of Bosnian Serb Reporter Draws International Outrage
ReporterVladimir Kovacevic was hospitalized following the attack outside his home, sparking international outrage. “We strongly defend the right of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal. When journalists are silenced, society suffers.”

When Freedom of Expression isn’t Free: Journalism, Facebook, and Censorship in Bhutan
The Constitution of Bhutan guarantees every Bhutanese the fundamental right to free speech, opinion, and expression. But there are many ways in which this is curtailed: “A civil servant shall not criticize his agency and the Royal Government.”

Google’s China Push Outweighs Censorship Concerns
There was a time when Google’s corporate slogan was “don’t be evil”. That altruistic philosophy has since been amended from its code of conduct to “do the right thing”. Nowadays in China, “doing the right thing is about trading off to lesser evils”.

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