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The mass slaying in Las Vegas renews debate on the language of terrorism and immediately unleashes purveyors of fraudulent news, seeding false narratives that are amplified on social media networks. President Trump denigrates the validity of media reporting on problems with disaster relief response in Puerto Rico. Facebook plans to turn over than 3,000 Russian-linked advertisements to congressional investigators looking at whether the Kremlin influenced the 2016 presidential campaign. -Dru Menaker, Chief Operating Officer

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


Here Are All The Hoaxes Being Spread About The Las Vegas Shooting
At least 50 people were killed and more than 200 were injured in a shooting on the Las Vegas Strip late Sunday night. Within minutes of reports of the shooting hitting Twitter, trolls started flooding social media with fake information.

Trump’s Puerto Rico Tweets Are Part of the Same Old War
By sowing doubts about the truth of what’s occurring, Trump hopes to insulate his own reputation as the White House’s response to the crisis continues to be assessed by the public, both political parties and, of course, Puerto Ricans themselves.

Facebook to Deliver 3,000 Russia-Linked Ads to Congress on Monday
Facebook has yet to disclose the types of advertisements and content the company will hand over. But news reports have linked the posts to issues such as religion, race, gun ownership and other politically charged topics.

The Media Needs To Stop Rationalizing President Trump’s Behavior
One can understand why journalists who rely on having close access to Trump avoid explanations that portray Trump as being irrational, incompetent or bigoted. But sometimes they’re the only explanations that make sense.

Media Circus: The NFL’s TV Partners Should Show The National Anthem
While the national anthem has a long history at sporting events, NFL players appearing on the field for the anthem is a relatively new phenomenon. The practice was re-upped in 2009 because the league wanted to highlight patriotism.


Ukrainian Filmmaker Sentsov Reportedly To Be Transferred To Russian Far North Prison *PEN Case List
Sentsov’s whereabouts have been a mystery since early September. Members of a public oversight commission in the Far Eastern city of Irkutsk reported on September 9 that Sentsov had been transferred from that city to the Urals city of Chelyabinsk. However, defense lawyers have had no idea of his location since then.

Outcry as Azerbaijan police launch crackdown on LGBT community
“There have been previous crackdowns on LGBT people, but this one is much bigger, with systematic and widespread raids,” said Samed Rahimli, a Baku-based lawyer who is helping coordinate legal defences for those who have been detained.

Three years after Umbrella Movement, Hong Kongers back on the streets
Many in the opposition camp fear growing restrictions on speech and political activity, with the shadow of a forthcoming anti-sedition law looming large. A recently passed law will also criminalize insulting the country’s anthem, “March of the Volunteers.”

Russian Censor Summons CNN Staff Over Supposed Media Law Violation
Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned that it could retaliate against a U.S. demand for Kremlin-backed news channels RT and Sputnik International to register as foreign agents. President Putin also addressed the “continuing pressure on Russian media in several foreign countries” during a meeting with his national security council.

Laura Kuenssberg hiring a bodyguard was depressing. Then it got worse
Columnist Gaby Hinsliff writes, “People have a right to enter politics without fear for their lives and journalists have a right to do their jobs without being bullied into silence.”

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