Restaurant owner asks White House press secretary to leave, saying this is a time of “uncomfortable” moral choices. As President Trump calls for depriving migrants of due process rights or an appearance before a judge, news organizations working to clarify immigration facts continue to battle for information and access to detention centers. Former Arkansas Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee is challenged for racism after tweet attack on the Democratic House minority leader. In interview with Huckabee, Trump calls news coverage of North Korea talks “almost treasonous.” Fact-checkers from around the world report that campaigns to vilify their work are spilling over from the antagonism toward news media. -Dru Menaker, Chief Operating Officer


The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


‘I Would Have Done the Same Thing Again.’ Restaurant Owner on Why She Asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Leave
Restaurant owner asked Sanders to leave because she works in the Trump administration. “I would have done the same thing again… there are moments in time when people need to live their convictions. This appeared to be one.”

Trump Will Reunite Separated Families—But Only If They Agree to Deportation
Immigrant parents are being forced to make a choice: either keep fighting for asylum and accept that they won’t see their children or they can give up, wave their rights, and be reunified with their child en route to the country they initially fled.

Mike Huckabee Accused of Bigotry and Racism After Tweet Touting Pelosi’s ‘Campaign Committee’
Huckabee is facing allegations of racism after he tweeted a photo of five men who appear to be using hand signs associated with the MS-13 gang with the caption, “Nancy Pelosi introduces her campaign committee for the take back of the House.”

Trump Says News Coverage of North Korea Summit is “Almost Treasonous”
In an excerpt of an interview with conservative pundit Mike Huckabee, Trump says that the two leaders came to a “wonderful agreement” in Singapore, but that it’s a “shame that the fake news covers it the way they do.”

Rapidly Expanding Fact-Checking Movement Faces Growing Pains
Political fact-checkers from more than 50 countries gathered to take stock of a fast-growing journalistic movement that has gained clout and influence while attracting criticism and heightened skepticism in an increasingly partisan age.


Laws on Fake News Should Not Constrain Media Outlets’ Ability to Operate: Conference Panel
A parliamentary committee studying ways to fight fake news wants to strike the right balance between ensuring room for free expression for journalists and others on the one hand, and having legal and other tools to tackle disinformation on the other.

Chinese Forum Event Attended by Hong Kong Ex-Leader CY Leung Tries to Censor Local Media
During the Yabuli Youth Forum 2018, an offshoot of the Beijing-based China Entrepreneurs Forum, local journalists were asked to sign a declaration that gave the organizers the power to edit and approve their reporting on the event.

The Former Physics Teacher Who’s Energized Turkey’s Opposition
Muharrem Ince emerged as a surprise threat to unseat President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: energizing supporters across the political spectrum, rallying millions in Turkey’s cities, and putting the incumbent on the defensive.

China Takes Surveillance to New Heights with Flock of Robotic Doves, But Do They Come in Peace?
Sources told the SCMP that more than 30 government agencies have deployed the birdlike drones and related devices in at least five provinces. As a result, the region and its people have been subjected to heavy surveillance.

Inside WhatsApp’s Fake News Problem in India: When Rumors Lead to Killings
False messages about child abductors on WhatsApp have helped to trigger mass beatings of more than a dozen people in India. Fake messages about child snatchers have led to the lynching of two men and the deaths of three others this month.

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