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San Francisco Superior Court hears two motions on the confiscation of freelance journalist Bryan Carmody’s electronics in a police raid widely condemned by First Amendment advocates. President Trump seeks to discredit New York Times investigation into his financial transactions through Deutsche Bank, recycling common refrains of ‘fake news’ and ‘enemy of the people,’ and taking issue with ‘unnamed sources.’ The Guardian changes its style guide with regards to its reporting on the environment and climate crisis. PEN America to honor Anita Hill with the Courage Award; Loujain Al-Hathloul, Nouf Abdulaziz, and Eman Al-Nafjan with the PEN/Barbey Freedom to Write Award; Bob Woodward with the Literary Service Award; and Richard Robinson as the Publisher Honoree, at the annual Literary Gala this evening. (Demand the immediate and unconditional release of Al-Hathloul, Abdulaziz, and Al-Nafjan, three fearless writer-activists from Saudi Arabia, here.) -Anoosh Gasparian, External Relations Manager

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


Freelance Reporter Wants Police to Return Seized Property
A San Francisco reporter is seeking the return of his property confiscated by police after officers with a sledgehammer raided his home and his office amid an investigation to determine the source of a leaked police report into the death of the city’s public defender.

Trump Reacts Angrily to New York Times Report on Deutsche Bank Transactions
Donald Trump sought to discredit a New York Times report that Deutsche Bank employees flagged concerns over transactions involving legal entities controlled by the president and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Guardian’s Style Guide Puts Harsher Words to Our Global Climate Crisis
Some of the changes include saying “climate emergency, crisis, or breakdown instead of climate change,” and “climate science denier or climate denier [instead of] climate skeptic.” Guardian editor-in-chief Katherine Viner says the goal is to “accurately reflect the phenomena” in a way that’s both scientifically precise and clear to readers.

Anita Hill’s Courage and PEN America
Attorney, law professor, equal rights activist, and recipient of the 2019 PEN Courage award Anita Hill and PEN America chief executive officer Suzanne Nossel talk about Prof. Hill’s work on behalf of gender and racial equality and her award.


As Huawei Loses Google, the U.S.-China Tech Cold War Gets Its Iron Curtain
“If China and the United States have begun a technological Cold War, then the Huawei order can best be seen as the beginnings of a digital Iron Curtain. In this potential vision of the future of technology, China will continue to keep out much of the world. The United States and many other countries, goes this thinking, will in turn block Chinese technology.”

Myanmar’s Political Prisoners Struggle with Life after Jail
Journalist Sonny Swe is one of the thousands of former political prisoners who, after years behind bars, are facing the challenge of reintegrating into society with no form of restitution, recognition, or support from Myanmar’s civilian-elected government.

Tens of Thousands of Irish Users’ Emails and Phone Numbers Were Exposed in Last Year’s Facebook Hack
More than 20,000 Facebook users in Ireland had private information like their phone numbers and emails exposed in a major hack last year, confidential correspondence from the social networking giant shows.

Game of Thrones’ Finale Was Blocked in China Because of Trump’s Trade War
Thousands of Chinese users who rely on streaming platform Tencent Video were outraged to discover they couldn’t access the most recent Game of Thrones episode. A message that read “transmission medium problems” appeared in lieu of the finale.

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