NAACP chief is arrested in an act of civil disobedience, peacefully occupying Senator Jeff Sessions Alabama office to protest his Attorney General nomination. Not wanting their spectacles recorded for posterty, House Republicans, thwarted in their effort to gut ethics office, move to block videos and livestreaming from Congressional floor. Balking Rockette inauguration drama continues with secret tape of internal meeting.
–Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director


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House Passes Bill To Fine Members Of Congress For Live Streaming
The attempts to deter broadcasts from smartphones and other devices will include an initial $500 fine for a first offense and $2,500 for each incident thereafter, which would be docked from the lawmaker’s salary.

Arrests end NAACP sit-in at Jeff Sessions’ office
The arrests of five men and one woman included NAACP President Cornell W. Brooks, said Malik Russell, director of communications for the civil rights group. They face charges of criminal trespass in the second-degree, according to Mobile police.

Rockette Management Tells Dancers to “Tolerate Intolerance”
Dolan’s statements reveal a management philosophy that fails to factor in the dancers’ own concerns, despite the fact that they are the face and body of the brand.

AU​ ​employee​ ​put​ ​on leave​ ​for​ ​actions​ ​at​ ​anti-Trump​ ​protest​ ​will​ ​keep​ ​job
Scott O’Beirne, the library employee involved in an altercation with a student during a campus protest on Nov. 9, will retain his position at AU after being placed on administrative leave in November, according to an university spokeswoman.

House GOP Gives Staff Broader New Powers to Grill Witnesses
A little-noticed provision approved Tuesday by the U.S. House dramatically expands the powers of committee staff to haul private citizens and government officials to Capitol Hill to be questioned under oath—without any lawmakers present, in some cases.


Turkey Fashion Designer Attacked After Criticizing Ruling Party
Turkish fashion designer Barbaros Şansal was attacked by a mob at Ataturk International Airport after he was deported from North Cyprus.

Photographer to be detained for 15 days for alleged links to Al Jazeera
Egyptian State Security Prosecution ordered the detention of photographer Reem Qotb for 15 days pending investigations into links to the Qatari-based Al Jazeera network after she was found to be in possession of “small spy plane.”

Iraqi journalist freed week after kidnapping
Iraqi journalist Afrah Shawqi was released Tuesday, a week after being abducted from her Baghdad home by gunmen, her sister and security officials said.

Bangladeshi reporter arrested over coverage of garment industry strike
The police accuse Huda, who works for Bangla Daily and Ekushey TV (ETV), a privately-owned satellite TV service, of reporting false information and encouraging the strike that began in mid-December in factories that produce clothes for leading international retail chains such as Gap, Zara and H&M.

Indonesia’s AJI urges police not to hinder journalists reporting Ahok trial
Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) chairman Suwarjono expressed disapproval of the police action that hindered journalists in reporting the blasphemy trial implicating Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama on Tuesday despite the judge’s permit.

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