Trump’s online allies beat Congressional Republicans into submission by pouncing on any errant utterance. Babson College clears students for triumphalist post-election pro-Trump tirade at Wellesley. -Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director


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Google sued over policies ‘barring employees from writing novels’
Google is being sued over its internal confidentiality policies which bar employees from putting in writing concerns over “illegal” activity, posting opinions about the company, and even writing novels “about someone working at a tech company in Silicon Valley” without first giving their employer sign-off on the final draft.

How conservatives will be forced to fall in line behind Trump
One Republican congressman made some mild comments about how there might at some disagreement between Trump and Republicans on Capitol Hill, and was skewered by Breitbart and Sean Hannity. In short order the congressman was deluged with threats and abuse.

Trump has gone to war with the media—and nothing is going to stop him
The media are feeling jittery – they’ve never faced a president who so instinctively understands them, and how to manipulate them.

The Wry, Mournful Art of the Trump Press Pool Report
Press pool reports have always been a subtle, deadpan art. In the past, the reports usually exuded a cheerful due diligence, a gameness to do mundane work for the good of the country and hopefully entertain fellow journalists, too.


Philippines journalist killed after criticising officials over illegal drug lab
A Philippine provincial newspaper publisher has been shot dead after writing a column alleging official negligence over a recently discovered methamphetamine laboratory, in the first killing of a journalist during the country’s war on drugs.

Top Kenyan journalist beaten, arrested at Parliament
Kennedy Murithi, a journalist working with NTV, was on Tuesday arrested by police officers in parliament as he covered the much awaited special sitting on the Election Law amendment.

Israeli art student hounded by Israeli right
Many on the political right, and even on the left, did not like the poster’s depiction of Netanyahu next to a hangman’s noose. Others saw in it a legitimate form of criticism against Netanyahu, one of the prime instigators of the violent incitement that preceded the 1995 assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Unfair new press laws will lead to censorship, warn UK lawmakers
Ministers have been warned by senior members of the House of Lords not to impose ‘obviously unfair’ new libel laws that would ‘censor’ the free Press.

China Suppresses Video Streaming via Social Media Services to Control Online Content
Chinese authorities have begun suppressing streaming content on social media due to the rapid increase in online only television content and live-streaming. This is the result of media regulators efforts to consolidate the growing number of digital media content providers, which operate outside traditional Chinese media.

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