The Wall Street Journal reinterprets Donald Trump as a Lady Gaga-style performance artist as Megyn Kelly opines on the First Amendment, role of the media and one nation under Trump. -Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director


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Megyn Kelly On Trump and the Media: We’re In A Dangerous Phase Right Now
Now that Trump is the president-elect, Kelly said she is especially concerned about his “de-legitimization” of the media.

The Anti-Anti-Semitism Bill Is (Still) Such a Free Speech Mess
As many observers have noted, the bill defines, for the purpose of investigations into alleged civil-rights violations on campus, anti-Semitism in a way that plainly violates the First Amendment.

Where Do We Draw the Line When It Comes to Free Speech Online?
While the internet has never been a utopia devoid of trolls, some experts say fake news, hate speech, and terrorist propaganda are turning it into a digital cesspool. In a country that prides itself on its First Amendment, that leaves social media companies with the delicate task of sorting out what’s free speech and deciding what they won’t tolerate on their platforms.

Does the First Amendment protect fake news?
The First Amendment protects free speech in general, but not necessarily when it is obscene or threatening. As the Supreme Court ruled in 2003, it’s OK to burn a flag, but not to burn a cross if an intent to intimidate is proven.

African journalists have tips for their US counterparts on dealing with a president that hates the press
As America enters the era of a thin-skinned president known for lashing out at coverage that doesn’t meet his approval, it might be helpful for U.S. news media to draw from the experiences of journalists operating in hostile environments.


Crimea journalist faces extremism charges
Crimean authorities have charged a journalist for “inciting” the populace against the Russian annexation, his lawyers say. Moscow lawmakers criminalized questioning Russia’s territorial integrity in 2014.

Reserve Bank of India refuses entry to some journalists at presser
The RBI restricted journalists working for The Economist, BBC and some Indian outlets from attending its press conference regarding its monetary review policy held on Wednesday, with some claiming it was in retaliation for coverage.

Tanzanian Journalists Told to Read, Live the New Media Law
Media practitioners have been advised to stop complaining about the controversial Media Services Act and instead live it for practicing their career safely.

Malaysia’s human rights record on free expression is weak, says report
Malaysia continues to be a “violator” of human rights, including the freedom of thought and expression, according to this year’s Freedom of Thought Report by the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

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