We were excited to learn that DW Academie, a leading organization for media development in Germany, is offering an open online workshop to teach journalists how to protect themselves from online surveillance, attack, and theft. Here is the program summary:

Workshop concept:
DW Akademie wants to help journalists learn more about Digital Safety. Everything we do online or on our phones leaves tracks that can be followed, making it easy for governments and others to monitor journalists’ movements and communications and steal their information. And this can have have serious consequences – from having stories suppressed to endangering contacts’ lives.

What’s going on:
During the course of the week, you can tune into any or all of our six live web seminars. We’ll post the links to the seminars on this website, as well as on Twitter and Google Plus, we’ll put up new posts and interviews on the topic every day. You can also register for our newsletter so you know when a new post goes up or when a seminar is about to start.

We’ve invited PEN members from centers all over the world to join the seminars online here, which run from December 2-6, 2013, and we hope that you will too.

Don’t forget to also check out the recently published PEN interactive infographic Report, The Rise of Digital Repression, which highlights some disquieting statistics from PEN’s caselists over the past 12 years.