The brand new Summer issue of the poetry/art publication Sixth Finchis up. Editor Rob MacDonald feeds your brain.

The poet Michael Leong writes a review of Caroline Bergvall’s Meddle English (Publishing Genius, 2010) at The Brooklyn Rail. Reading this feels like taking a graduate-level poetry class in the year 2211.

You may have missed this interview between poets Ben Lerner and Aaron Kunin in Jacket2 (published back in April). If you did, it’s worth reading two of poetry’s biggest brains in conversation. Here’s a little teaser:

Think of a rat encountered on the sidewalk, or a centipede on the wall in the kitchen. The rat and the centipede mirror me, because I am also on the sidewalk or in the kitchen. They are part of me—or we are both parts of the same whole—and they know exactly how I feel about them. The rat knowingly wields the full power of the disgust that it inspires in me. That is why it seems utterly without fear; that is why I move to give it space on the sidewalk. The rat disgusts me, and the disgust shames me, because what is the difference between me and the rat?

Factory Hollow Press just released their fourth full-length book, Beauty Was the Case that They Gave Me by Mark Leidner. Leidner’s work is hilarious and heartbreaking in a way that no other poet can touch. Just take a look at the cover …

Tired of masochistically submitting your work to journals? Blake Butler, author of There Is No Year (Harper Perennial, 2010) has some insight for you.