blues poet stands
at a crossroads framed
in indigo light.

he reaches his hand around
to his left side, slits himself
open as if to gut a fish.

once inside, he feels
his heart, touches
his liver. but he

is not an oyster. he has
not eaten sand. what then
can a pearl be?


DAY 36

we are busy and wanting
to push through light

the bowl i drink from
says we humans keep

cutting back the trees
so that we alone can live

and i realize too just how
much i don’t want to be lost


DAY 39

black girl. u a blk gurl. black girl. play on blacktop. play. girl. black. u a blk gurl. jump down. turn around. black girl. sing. pretty. song. u a blk gurl. play on. merry-go-round. you. black girl. look. merry-go-mad. you. black. you. girl.