Your Excellency, 

We, the undersigned members of the literary, academic, and linguistic community, are writing to you today in order to join PEN America in calling for the release of Tibetan language advocate Tashi Wangchuk

Tashi Wangchuk, a Tibetan small-business owner, has spent the last four years in detention for his peaceful advocacy for the Tibetan language to be taught in schools and used in local government. He was secretly arrested on January 27, 2016, after featuring in a The New York Times report highlighting his efforts to lobby local authorities for Tibetan language education. Tashi was not afforded a trial until almost two years later, when he received a one-day trial on charges of “inciting separatism.” After the trial, which was not open to the public and in which Tashi had limited access to his lawyer, he received a five-year sentence. Today—the fourth anniversary of his arrest—Tashi remains in prison for his language-rights advocacy. 

We are deeply concerned over how Tashi’s arrest and trial were marked by a lack of due process, including the fact that Tashi was reportedly tortured prior to his trial. In January 2019, Tashi’s lawyer reported that he was denied access to his client, despite the fact that he intended to discuss Tashi’s time-sensitive options for filing a petition for his release. 

We would additionally like to emphasize that Tashi’s peaceful advocacy is consistent with the Chinese Constitution and its national laws, as well as with international law. Tashi himself has repeatedly indicated that his advocacy involves the pursuit of rights that are already present within the Chinese national system. To put it more simply, Tashi has committed no cognizable crime. 

We appeal to you now, as members of a community of professionals dedicated to upholding and respecting linguistic diversity around the world. We believe that the right of everyone to learn, teach, and develop their native language must be protected. As such, we call upon the government of the People’s Republic of China to release Tashi Wangchuk, and to honor its own domestic and international obligations to uphold ethnic minorities’ rights to learn and develop their own spoken and written languages.


Organizational Signatories

Alyson Reed, Executive Director, Linguistic Society of America
Paula M. Krebs, Executive Director, Modern Language Association 
Carrie Dyck, President, Canadian Linguistic Association
James Mackle, Programme Officer, Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organization
Marga Stoffer, President, PEN Afrikaans
Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay, PEN Hungarian Club

Individual Signatories (institution included for reference only and does not reflect an endorsement)

Jennifer Egan, writer; President, PEN America
Robert Macfarlane, writer and Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge
J. M. Coetzee, University of Adelaide
K. K. Collins, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Nina Hellerstein, University of Georgia
Francine Frank, Professor Emerita, University at Albany, SUNY
Henry Thurston-Griswold, Juniata College
Leslie Bow, University of Wisconsin Madison
Diane E Marting, University of Mississippi
Michel Anne-Frederic DeGraff, Department of Linguistics & Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Cynthia Palmer, MLA
Joan M. West, University of Idaho retired
Frank Stringfellow, University of Miami
Renée R. Trilling, University of Illinois
Rebecca S. Beal, University of Scranton
Mary Paniccia Carden, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Janet G. Casey, Skidmore College
Phil Goldstein, University of Delaware
Tarshia Stanley, Academia
Rosemary Feal, Harvard University
Paula Rabinowitz, University of Minnesota
Helene Bilis, Wellesley College
Vialla Hartfield-Méndez, Emory University
Jean Lewis, Northwestern University
Gwen Neary, Sonoma State University (emeritus)
William Maltarich, New York University
Julie Pfeiffer, Hollins University
Nicole Gervasio, Brown University
James Neary, Human Rights Activist
Jeffrey C Gonzalez, Montclair State University
John H. Lurz, Tufts University
Michael O’Connell, Member, MLA; professor emeritus, University of California Santa Barbara
Dr. Jessica Kane, Michigan State University
Sarah Gates, St. Lawrence University
Miguel Valerio, Washington University in St. Louis
Shuchi Kapila, Grinnell College
Ross Wilson, University of Cambridge
David Pan, University of California, Irvine
Gillian Lord, University of Florida
Carly Overfelt, Gustavus Adolphus College
Michael Hoeckelmann, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Allyson DeMaagd, Ball State University
Vicki De Vries, Calvin University
Kathleen McNerney, West Virginia University, Emerita
Mervyn Nicholson, Thompson Rivers University
Linda C. Middleton, University of Hawaii, Manoa (Retired)
Christiane Rey, Northwestern University
Pardis Dabashi, University of Nevada, Reno
Jean-Christophe Cloutier, University of Pennsylvania
Laura Quijano, Bard High School Early College, Baltimore
Todd H Richardson, University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Lisa Weiss, San Jose City College
Jennifer Crewe, Columbia University Press
Kenna Neitch, Texas Tech University
Hashintha Jayasinghe, University of Arkansas
Gabriel Moyal, McMaster University
Marianne Liauba, South Suburban College
Valentina Geri, University of Notre Dame
Patricia Crain, New York University
Emily Laskin, University of California Berkeley, Dept. of Comparative Literature
Matthias Richter, University of Colorado, Boulder
R. James Goldstein, Auburn University (emeritus)
Jody Greene, Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, University of California Santa Cruz
Cynthia Wu, Indiana University
Tomoko Janis Hikida, Ochanomizu University
Marc Greenberg, University of Kansas
Matthew Warshawsky, University of Portland
J. L. Passty, Modern Language Association
Margaret Thomas, Boston College
Tim Conley, Brock University
Gina Stamm, The University of Alabama
Manjushree S. Kumar, independent scholar
Inma Ridao Carlini, University of Leicester
Joseph J. Feeney, Saint Joseph’s University
Michael Striegl, Modern Language Association
Stephanie J., Member of Modern Language Association
Marta Junco-Ivern, Modern Language Association
D. J. White, University of Central Missouri (emeritus)
Anthony Grasso, King’s College
Melanie Nicholson, Bard College
Charles Forsdick, University of Liverpool
Elżbieta Chrzanowska-Kluczewska, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
Julia Griffin, Georgia Southern University
Sneja Gunew, Professor Emerita, University of British Columbia
Janet Doner, Bryn Mawr College (retired)
Joan E. Howard, PEN and MLA
Karin Gosselink, Yale University
Mark Hussey, Pace University
Hannah Schoch, English Department, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Kenneth M. Stahl, Cal Poly, Pomona
Sylvia Lopez, Beloit College
Simone Seym, University of Arizona
Nicholas E. Sheets, University of Miami
Sharon Robinson, Russell Sage College
Craig Svonkin, Metropolitan State University of Denver and Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association
Gema Perez Sanchez, University of Miami
Marina La Palma, retired professor of literature
Sean Benson, University of Dubuque
Rachel Jacoff, Wellesley College
Robert Stark, University of Bergen
Philip O’Leary, Boston College
Torregrosa, Modern Language Association
Shazia Rahman, Western Illinois University
Dennis Lewis , University of Waterloo
Judith Dorn, Modern Language Association member
Dr Sara Lodge, University of St. Andrews
John Roche, Rochester Institute of Technology
John David Harding, United Faculty of Florida
Olivia Holmes Moroni, Professor, Binghamton University
Susan Meyer, Wellesley College
Dylon Robbins, New York University
Amrita Dhar, The Ohio State University
Teresa Soufas, retired faculty and Dean of Temple University
Dr. Donnalee Frega, Frega Creative Enterprises, Inc.
Steven Kurtz, University of Michigan
Aileen R Ruane, Université Laval
Jean E. Graham, College of New Jersey
Joseph V. Long, Portland State University
Katherine Travers, New York University
Holly Fulton, Stanford University
Kenneth Seigneurie, Simon Fraser University
Margaret Feeguson, English Dept, UC Davis
Alison Lewis, Parlew Associates
Douglas Mao, Johns Hopkins University
Daniel Schlafly , Saint Louis University
Joseph Mwantuali, Hamilton College
Lizbeth Souza-Fuertes, Baylor University
Gabriela Muniz, Butler University
Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, University of Notre Dame
Roberto Fuertes-Manjón, Midwestern State University
John Beynon, California State University, Fresno
Mark Brock-Cancellieri, Modern Language Association
Laura Dennis, University of the Cumberlands
K. Jirgens, writer, publisher
Nicole Armos, Simon Fraser University
William Hughes, UC Davis
Christian Anderson, Cal Poly, SLO
Margot Backus, University of Houston
Maria Cardona, Saint Louis University
Catherine Kunce, University of Colorado Boulder
Jennifer Boyden, Teacher
Marisa Verna, Università Cattolica of Milan
Elin Diamond, Professor of English , Rutgers University
Janet Oreti Dodd, MLA
Lizzie McCormick, Suffolk County Community College
Jorge Brioso, Carleton College
Emily Jones, Whitman College
Jeremy Ekberg, College of Coastal Georgia
Dr. Emily McGiffin, University of Edinburgh
Danielle Daidone, Indiana University
Megan Sexton, Five Points
Laura Rotunno, Penn State Altoona
Amy Friedman, Modern Language Association member
Sharon Utakis, Bronx Community College, CUNY
Luanne Buchanan, University of Mississippi
Dr. Anne Savage, McMaster University
Kathleen M McKain, Saint Martin’s University
Beth Carroll, Appalachian State University
Elizabeth Fiedler, University of Chicago
Jacob Riyeff, Modern Language Association
David Ward , Wellesley college
Ana Gal, University of Memphis
Richard Newhauser, Arizona State University
Elissa Tognozzi, UCLA Director of Language Studies
Margaret Harp, Modern Language Association
Satti Khanna, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Duke University
Anne Shea, California College of the Arts
Aurélie Capron, Modern Language Association
Darla Ida Himeles, Temple University
Charles Arndt, Vassar College
Carol Ready, University of Minnesota
Merrill Cole, Western Illinois University
Michael Borshuk, Texas Tech University
Yoshiko Samuel, Wesleyan University
Justina Torrance, Harvard University
Geraldine Murphy, City College, CUNY
Karina von Tippelskirch, Syracuse University
Silke von der Emde, Vassar College
Wendy Chrisman, Columbus College of Art & Design
Belkis Gonzalez, City University of New York
Cynthia Fillmore, Saint Leo University
Debbie Hamilton, Lehman College (CUNY)
Ann Manette Ansay, University of Miami
Andrew Galloway, Cornell University
Tony Chiaviello, University of Houston-Downtown
Thomas Doherty, Brandeis University
Sandy Dolan Oliver, Modern Language Association
Robert D’Alonzo, Rock Valley College
Mary Jo Licht, Parkland College Instructor
Penny Causarano, University of Mary Washington
Larissa Onyshkevych, Princeton Research Forum
Kathleen Cunniffe Peña, Wilson College
Janet Bowdan , Western New England University
Nick Mayer, Columbia University
Kathleen McKenna, Professor
Meredith Benjamin, Barnard College
Melinda Rojas, University of North Florida
Mary Buckelew, WCU
Zaya Rustamova , Kennesaw State University
Waiyee Loh, University of Warwick
Iqra, University of North Texas
Anne Becher, University of Colorado Boulder
Eileen McEwan, Muhlenberg College
Jeff Dolven, Princeton University
Karoline Baumann, University of Debrecen
Ioana Sion, University of Toronto
Harveen Mann, Loyola University Chicago
Gregory J. Darling, Teacher–Hostos Community College
Melanie Lewis, Alumna Ph.D. University of Manitoba
Samira Junaid, University of Pennsylvania
Monica Rosso Tabrizi, IIS at Mission College
Aline Remael, University of Antwerp
Asta LaBianca, Andrews University
Domenica Amato, Modern Language Association
Aparna Dharwadker, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sean O’Brien, Loyola University Chicago
Elizabeth Gibbons Capdevielle, University of Notre Dame
Richard Turner, Ozarks Technical Community College
Holly Teresa Baker, Purdue University
Donald Goellnicht, McMaster University
Elio Brancaforte, Tulane University
Richard Tran, Modern Language Association member
Nancy Frelick, UBC
Elizabeth Kimball, Drexel University
James N Green, Brown University
William O’Grady, Department of Linguistics, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Deborah Symons, WCC Community College
Félicia Mariani, French teacher for foreigners in France
Nathan Bonar, Austin Peay State University
Emily Sahakian, Modern Language Association
Jenna Chrol, Teacher
Madeline Gangnes, University of Florida
John Melillo, University of Arizona
Hillary Kelleher, SUNY Albany
Pamela Johnston, Texas Lutheran University
Catherine Barbour, University of Surrey
Matthew C Brennan, Indiana State University
Hillary Kelleher, SUNY Albany
Esther Leysorek Goodman, Emerita, NYC College of Technology–CUNY
David Ciccoricco, University of Otago
Ivette N. Hernandez, University of California, Irvine
Diane Morgan, IRSC
Amanda Alexander, University of Minnesota
Bahareh Alaei, Mt. San Jacinto College
Deb Logan, Western Kentucky University
E. Leigh Bonds, The Ohio State University
C. L. Kinslow, International Writing Centers Association
Francisca Gonzalez-Arias, Boston University and UMass Lowell
Stephen Fredman, University of Notre Dame
Kenneth Dauber, SUNY at Buffalo
Joe Amato, Associate Professor, Dept. of English, Illinois State University
Randall Rightmire, University of California, Santa Barbara
Evie Shockley, Rutgers University – New Brunswick
Ryan Paul, Texas A&M University, Kingsville
Rosa Linda Fregoso, University of California Santa Cruz
Eugene Eoyang, Indiana University/Lingnan University
Augusto Lorenzino, Temple University
Caroline Ledeboer, PEN
Nathaniel Redekopp, Modern Language Association
David Merwin, Modern Language Association
Margaret A. D’Amico, Ph.D., Modern Language Association
Joseph Bellacero, SUNY New Paltz
Chris Robertson, Independent Scholar
Veronique moterle, Boston University
Hilary Fezzey, Associate Professor of English
Linda Naranjo-Huebl, Professor of English, Calvin University
Laura Clapper, Indiana University, Bloomington
Loretta Kane, Modern Language Association
Germaine Murray, Maryville University
Margueritte Murphy, Independent scholar
Cynthia Port, Coastal Carolina University
Jeffrey A. Grossman, University of Virginia
Daryl Rodgers, Susquehanna University
Beth L. Hewett, Ph.D., Defend & Publish, LLC, Independent Scholar
Amanda Cunningham, Modern Language Association
William A. Thompson, Western Illinois University and University Professionals of Illinois
Safoora Arbab, UCLA
Julie Shoults, Muhlenberg College
Mark Gruettner, LSUS
Megan Brown, Drake University
Jeanne Moore, Worcester State University
David Kimmel, Heidelberg University
Glen Colburn, Morehead State University
Joann Pavletich, Associate Professor
Roni Natov, Brooklyn College, City University of New York
Barbara Neri, Independent Scholar
Katy Chiles, University of Tennessee
Brian Shevory, Rutgers University
Paula Bramante, University of Minnesota
Lore Weber, retired professor
Meg Sandeman, Leman Manhattan Preparatory School
Brennan Thomas, Saint Francis University
Elena Bashir, University of Chicago
Dr. Bynum, Hampshire College
Sheila Murnaghan, University of Pennsylvania
Richard Meier, Carthage College
Gilberto Gómez, Wabash College
Tamara Marshall-Keim, Carnegie Mellon University
Mitchell Macrae, Colorado State University
Frederick Waage, East Tennessee State University
Tara Bradway, St John’s University
Paricia C Willis, Beinecke LIbrary, Yale University (retired)
Rachael Langford, Cardiff University
Susan Bernardo, Wagner College
Paul deGategno, Penn State University
Jason Mauro, The University of North Florida
Dr. Gina Canepa, National Association of Independent Scholars
Annabel Davis-Goff, Bennington College
John D. Cox, Hope College
Joanna Bartow, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Anca Koczkas, University of West Georgia
Molly Volanth Hall, University of Rhode Island
Alexis Zanghi, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Modern Language Association
Kurt Queller, University of Idaho, Department of Modern Languages & Cultures
Susan G Reese, Portland State University, English
Yvonne HSieh, University of Victoria
Erin G. Carlston, University of Auckland
Alessandro Martina, UW-Madison
Charles Ganelin, Miami University (Emeritus)
Lydia Wasylenko, Syracuse University Libraries
Upasana Thakkar, Ex- UBC student
Luciane Maimone, Missouri State University
Kayla Forrest, UNC Greensboro
Sonia Balasch, Eastern Mennonite University
Kristi Caudill, Modern Language Association
Alberto Ribas, Santa Clara University
Katie Blankenau, Northwestern University
Thomas Kelley, Rider University
Deborah Cafiero, University of Vermont
Shirley Myers, Gallaudet University
Walter Hakala, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Thomas O’Grady, University of Massachusetts Boston
Sharon Mazer, Auckland University of Technology
Ailís Cournane, New York University
Micheline Rice-Maximin, Swarthmore College
Roxanna Duntley-Matos, Organization of Latino Social Workers-MI
Frederick Whiting, University of Alabama
Priscilla Sol, Columbia University GSAS
David La Guardia, John Carroll University
Elizabeth C Wright, Modern Language Association life member
Terence Odlin, The Ohio State University
Margaret Miner, University of Illinois at Chicago
Consuella Bennett, Morehouse College
Amy Smith, University of Minnesota
Milena Seyed, College of the Sequoias, CA
Julia Voss, Assistant Professor of English, Santa Clara University
Joseph G. Kronick, Department of English, Louisiana State University
Jyotsna Singh, Michigan St. University
Kathleen M. Balutansky, Professor Emeritus of English
Xavier Fontaine, Princeton University
Dr. Virginia H. Bennett, retired professor
Beth Ann Rothermel, Westfield State University Retiree
Rachel Schaffer, Montana State University Billings
James McCorkle, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Nicholas Javier Gomez, Saint Louis University
Amanda Minervini, Colorado College
Kerry Purmensky, Orlando, Florida
Diana K. Reese, Columbia University
Isabelle Cata, Grand Valley State University
Robert Henry, UVA
Brooke Hotez, University of Arizona
Richard S. Pressman, Ph.D., St. Mary’s University
Natalie Schmitt, University of Illinois, Chicago
Peter Ross, UNSW
Andrea Javel, Boston College
Nicole Olivotti, English Teacher
Thomas E. Bird, Queens College, CUNY
Cinzia Laura Giancotti, Stanford University, French and Italian
Stephanie Parisi, Emory University
Sonali Perera, Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY
Mark Finkelstein Ph.D., McMaster University
Cynthia Rogan de Ramirez, Bucks County Community College, PA
Dr Michael Hrebeniak, University of Cambridge
Jennifer Rudolph, Connecticut College
María Rosa Olivera-Williams, University of Notre Dame
Henry Langley, University of Cambridge
Misty Krueger, University of Maine at Farmington
Suvir Kaul, University of Pennsylvania
Damaris Serramo, Wright State University
David Lavinsky, Yeshiva University, New York City
Dr. Steven Faulkner, Longwood University
Robert L Hogg, Carleton University, retired academic
Michael Armstrong-Roche, Wesleyan University
Joe Kraus, University of Scranton
Robert B. Kaplan, retired professor
Sarah Henneböhl, The Pennsylvania State University
Agatha Schwartz, University of Ottawa
Mary Beth Winn, SUNY Albany
Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini , University of Arizona
Julie Solomon , University of Maryland School of Nursing
Heather Murray, Professor, University of Toronto
Anna Helene Feulner, Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin
Meredith McGill, Rutgers University
Paulus Pimomo, Central Washington University
David Goldberg, Modern Language Association, retired
John Bowers, Cornell University
Dr. Kenneth G. Hoglund, Wake Forest University
Byron Santangelo, University of Kansas
Wai Chee Dimock, Yale University
Leslie Taylor, Independent Scholar
J. Sukys, University of Missouri
Kate Foley-Beining, Sonoma State University
Professor Rafael Naranjo, College of the Mainland, Texas City
Helen Jaskoski, California State University Fullerton; Association for the Study of American Indian Literatures
Michelle Low, University of Colorado
Hugh Hazelton, Concordia University, Montreal
Robert Martinez, Quinnipiac University
Dennis Quinn, Worcester State University
Thora Brylowe, University of Colorado Boulder
Elke Defever, MLA
Serenella Iovino, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Mary Nicholas, Bethlehem Pennsylvania
Maurizio Valsania, Università di Torino
Paul Chandler, University of Hawai’i
Dr. Lynne Bernard, MLA
Steven Yao, Hamilton College
Dr. Marion Gerlind, Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies
Bruce Horner, University of Louisville
Joseph R. Allen, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Ashley Ferguson, Modern Language Association
Cynthia Stone, College of the Holy Cross
Ray Moody, University of Hawai’i
Brent Vine, University of California, Los Angeles
Seher Rowther, University of California, Riverside
Jini Watson, New York University
Dr. Betty L. McLane-Iles, Truman State University
Bradley Hoot, DePaul University
Daria Polianska, University of Alberta
Jeanne Britton , University of South Carolina
Juan Francisco Egea, UW-Madison
Lheisa Dustin, Modern Language Association
Jonathan Reeve, Columbia University
Lindsay Eufusia, Northwestern University
Prof. Steven R. Huff, Dept. of German, Oberlin College
Douglas E. Green, Augsburg University
Alexander Key, Stanford University
Maria Elena de las Carreras, Department of Cinema and Television Arts, California State University, Northridge
Elizabeth Fifer, Lehigh University
Kevin O’Brien, Chapman University
Jonathan Walker, Portland State University
Judith Kegan Gardiner, University of Illinois at Chicago
Tim McCarthy, Kent State University
Nicolas S Humphrey, Mod. Langs. & Lits. St. Norbert College
Yanie Fecu, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sophia Magnone, MLA
Joseph Myers, Oklahoma State University
Sebastian Wogenstein, University of Connecticut
Rosemary Lloyd, Indiana University
Youngsuk Chae, UNC-Pembroke
Dr. Arturo F Jasso, Cal State University, Fullerton
Carol Anne Costabile-Heming, University of North Texas
Wendy Beth Hyman, MLA
Willliam Kennedy, Modern Language Association
Hugo Moreno, Lewis & Clark College
Stephanie Mueller, Union College
Lynn Burley, University of Central Arkansas
Hana Muzika Kahn, Temple University
Joseph Reed, Brown University
Elizabeth McDyer, MLA member
Ricky Siwicki, Student
Rita Diogo, UERJ
Susan F. Bohrer, UC Merced
Kathleen Hulley, New York University
George Clark, retired professor, Queen’s University (Canada)
P.J. Emery, University of California, Los Angeles
Edward J. Gallagher, Professor Emeritus, Wheaton College, Massachusetts
Julia Bloch, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Douglas, Modern Language Association
Shameem Black, Australian National University
Caroline Pari Pfisterer, City University of New York
Rafael Ramirez Mendoza, Emory University
Fayaz Kabani, Allen University
Valerie Wayne, University of Hawai’i at Manoa
Irene Di Maio, Professor emerita LSU
Evelyn Barish, Professor of English, em., City University of New York
Laura Fuderer, University of Notre Dame
Lucas Klein, HKU
Pedro Jose Vizoso, Hastings College
Michel Mallet, Université de Moncton
Diane Dowdey, Sam Houston State University
Debra Moddelmog, University of Nevada, Reno
Jeremy Grainger, Rutgers University Press
Robin Thompson, Governors State University
Julie Candler Hayes, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Gabriella Ibieta, Drexel University
Mary Vogl, Colorado State University
Jessie Casteel, University of Houston
James Anthony Phillips, William Paterson University
Clarissa Lee, Sunway University
Samantha Murphy, University of Tennessee
Mary Kambic, Adjunct Instructor, Community College of Baltimore County
Ademola Adesola, University of Manitoba
Erin Bell, Baker College
Aegyung Noh, Korea University
Dr. Laura Laffrado, Western Washington University
Callista Brown, Pacific Lutheran University
Alison Guzman, Bentley University
Rosemary Feal, Harvard University
Norene MacDonald, Florida College
Rashmi Rai, Stony Brook University
Kimberly Segall, Professor Seattle Pacific University
Blevin Shelnutt, Concord University
A Shropshire, MLA
Jessica Kirzane, University of Chicago
Nancy J. Grayson, Professor of English, Retired, Texas State University
David E Sloane, University of New Haven
Gerald Richman, Prof. Emeritus, Suffolk University
Deborah Smith Pollard, Ph.D., University of Michigan-Dearborn
Leah DeAloia, University of Dayton, Living Beatitudes Community
Annemarie Hamlin, Central Oregon Community College
Christian von Tippelskirch, Filmemacher
Monica Escudero Moro, Colgate University
Mary M. Balkun, Seton Hall University
Ann Enhar, Modern Language Association
Steve Rose, Retired educator
Elizabeth Evans, Wayne State University
Yael Halevi-Wise, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Lo Kwai Cheung , Hong Kong Baptist University
Jessica Yeung, Hong Kong Baptist University
Chih-Ping Chen, Alma College
Jaime Armin Mejia, Texas State University
Yvette Fuentes, Nova Southeastern University
Sara Fischer, University of Colorado, Boulder
Debbera Carson, North Carolina State University
Marilyn Ewing, Professor Emerita of English, Eastern Oregon University
Liesl Schwabe, Yeshiva University
Steven G. Kellman, University of Texas at San Antonio
Mercy Romero, Sonoma State University
Lindsey Holmes, The University of Texas at Austin
Angela Bejarano, ESL instructor
Jessie Forsyth, University of Saskatchewan
Rosemary Stanfield-Johnson, University of Minnesota Duluth
Dr. Allen Hibbard, Middle Tennessee State University
Aline Lo, Allegheny College
Carla Sassi, Univ. Verona, Italy
Guadalupe Gotsch, Molloy College
Allison Fong, Clark University
Christina M. Squitieri, New York University
Carol H. Reitan, City College of San Francisco – World Languages and Cultures
Olajide Olobayo, University of Abuja
Carmen Sotomayor, UNC-Greensboro
Gordon Witty, Temple University
Lauren Curtright, Georgia State University’s Perimeter College
Margaret R Greer, Duke University
Thomas Jay Lynn, Penn State Berks
Mary Sisler, Hamilton College
Stephanie Jury, Monash University
Cheng Lok Chua, California State University, Fresno
Debora Bellinzani, University of Wisconsin
Maureen-Claude LaPerriere, University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres
Joyce Stoffers, MLA Member
Erik Johnson, Ph.D., Stanford University Libraries
Simona Bertacco, University of Louisville
Janet Graham, The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Ben Davies, University of Portsmouth, UK
Beata Williamson, University of Gdańsk
Cesar Dominguez, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Tony Thorne, King’s College London
Alison Phipps, University of Glasgow
John Wilkinson, University of Chicago
Helmbrecht Breinig, University of Erlangen-Nuernberg
Morton Paley, University of California, Berkeley
Rogelio Minana, Drexel University
Nguyen Dao, University of Texas at San Antonio
Steven Barr, MLA member- former Professor
Agneta M-L Svalberg, Applied Linguistics/English, University of Leicester
Ofer Ben-Amots, Colorado College
Sarah Faber, Mainz University
Niamh Thornton, University of Liverpool
Sarah Cordova, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Brian Johnstone, Member, Scottish PEN
Bert Barry, Saint Louis University
Ursula Kluwick , University of Bern
Aletha Stahl, Purdue University
Jonathan Potter, Birmingham City University, UK
Alexandra Mendez, Columbia University
Maria Van Liew, West Chester University
Melissa Gantt, Adjunct and Independent Scholar
Ellen Pilsworth, University of Reading
Jennifer Stefaniak, MLA
Chris Roulston, Western University
Gabriela Alfaraz, Michigan State University
Maria Bullon-Fernandez, Seattle University
John Garrett, lifetime member of MLA, retired Associate Professor of English, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Anita Obermeier, University of New Mexico
Diane Forbes, RIT
Sylvie Blum-Reid, University of Florida
Mary Villeponteaux, Georgia Southern University
Maria Sanchez, University of Technology
Cristina Bruns, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY
Dr. Raymond J. Cormier, Longwood University (Emeritus)
Jose M Martinez, Queens College CUNY
Robert Cowan, Hunter College, City University of New York
Cynthia Ruder, University of Kentucky
Rebecca Babcock, University of Texas Permian Basin
Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
John A. Walsh, Indiana University
Barbara J. Michael, University of North Carolina-Wilmington, Department of Anthropology
Mary Polito, Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary
Askold Melnyczuk, Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston
Laurie H McMillin, Professor, Oberlin College
Esther Kahn, MLA
Helga Druxes, Williams College
Atsuko Sakaki, University of Toronto
Javier Valiente, Johns Hopkins University
Charles Whitney, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Robert Dulgarian, Emerson College
Evelyn Nadeau, Clarke University
David J Hildner, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Will Padgett, Modern Language Association
Lauren Byler, California State University Northridge
Danielle Bobker, Concordia University
Zygmunt G. Baranski, Cambridge-Notre Dame
Yumna Siddiqi, Middlebury College
Nikolai J. Preuschoff, University of Erfurt
Jeanmarie Rouhier, University of Kentucky
Kirsten Christensen, Professor of German, Pacific Lutheran University
Leah Beth Johnston, University of Arkansas
Clara Lipszyc-Arroyo, Case Western Reserve University
Judy Jeon-Chapman, Worcester State University
Obdulia Castro, Regis University, Denver
Betsy Kerr, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Nicole Guenther Discenza, University of South Florida
Daniel Leisawitz, Muhlenberg College
Elizabeth Dill, CUNY
Vivian Kao, Lawrence Technological University
Frank Hugus, University of Massachusetts
Ellen Feig, Bergen Community College
Debra Shostak, The College of Wooster
Teresa Villa-Ignacio, Stonehill College
Dr. Aroline Seibert Hanson, Arcadia University
Peter Vantine, Modern Language Association
Marta Sanchez, Arizona State University and University of California San Diego
Allen James Kuharski, Swarthmore College
Billie R Hulke, Baylor University
Andrew Small, University of Houston, retired
Laura George, Eastern Michigan University
Jessica Sturm, Purdue University
Jeffrey B. Berlin, Holy Family University, retired
Stewart King, Monash University
James H. Morey, Emory University
Errol M. O’Neill, Assistant Professor
Marta Kvande, Texas Tech University
Leanna Lostoski, University of New Hampshire
Anuja Madan, Kansas State University
Vincent B.Leitch, Ph.D., PEN and MLA
Bryan Trabold, Associate Professor, Suffolk University
Anne Walker, University of California
Eva Martin, Princeton
Claire Eder, University of Wisconsin–Madison
E Guerrero, Bucknell University
Eric Hyman, Fayetteville State University
Kathryn Green, University of Louisville
Dr. Jill Hallett, Linguist and Educator
Richard W. Hallett, Northeastern Illinois University
Robin Field, King’s College, Pennsylvania
Neal D Budde, Portland State University
Kyle Bladow, Northland College
Skylar Hanson, Student
Dagmawi Woubshet, University of Pennsylvania
Carol Mack, MLA
Sarah Banting, Mount Royal University
Elin Diamond, Rutgers University
Elin Diamond, Rutgers University
Sally Parry, Illinois State University
Donna Hensley, Formation Langues
Alexander Mendes, Emory University
Ricia Chansky, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Dr. Raymond Harter, Modern Language Association
Mark Schafer, University of Massachusetts Boston
Sutanuka Ghosh, Jadavpur University
Alissa Surges, University of Nevada, Reno
Geraldine Friedman, Purdue University
Margaret Kelly, Chicago State University
Ann Kalscheur Suarez, Irvine Valley College
Daniel G. Tight, Ph.D., University of St. Thomas
Erica Noski, SIUE
Scott Lamanna, Calvin University
Rika Ito, St Olaf College
Arlene R. Keizer, Pratt Institute
Maxwell Parlin, Princeton University
Lauren Goodlad, Rutgers
Katherine Williams, Ph.D., English Department, New York Institute of Technology
John Miller, National University
Dana Gavin, Old Dominion University
Erin Myers, Modern Language Association
Karl Lisovsky, UCLA Lecturer
Maria Margaroni, University of Cyprus
Heather A West, Samford University
Maria Socorro Tabuenca, UT El Paso
Julie Couch, Texas Tech University
Suzanne B. Falck-Yi, Waldorf University
Antoinette Countryman, McHenry County College
Andrew Smith, College of DuPage
Md. Amir Hossain, IBAIS University
Derek Beaudry, University of Pennsylvania
Leonor Pons Coll, Barnard College at Columbia University
Darryl Dedelow Jr., University of Kentucky
John David Zuern, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Fernando S Rocha, Middlebury College
Carol Gilbertson, MLA
Anthony Oldcorn, Brown University
Sumangala Bhattacharya, Pitzer College
Nancy Butler, Queen’s University, Kingston
Wendy A Lee, NYU
Donna Lynne Rondolone, Ph.D., Drexel University
Carl G. Martin, Norwich University
Soren Hammerschmidt, GateWay Community College
Marina Bedran, Princeton University
Stephen Westergan, St. Norbert College, De Pere
Michelle E Albertson, University of Arizona
Erica Frouman-Smith, Associate Professor, Foreign Languages, LIU: Post
Carole Slade, Columbia University
Paul Faulstich, Pitzer College
Teresa, Macalester College
Lucy F. Lee, Truman State University
Lukasz Wodzynski, University of Toronto
Lynda Koolish, Prof. Emerita, San Diego State University
Mary A. Eggebraaten, Waldorf University, Forest City, Iowa
Dr. Arwen Taylor, Arkansas Tech University
Anna Frajlich-Zajac, Columbia University
Meghan Jordan, Upper Iowa University
Salam Mir, MLA member
Michelle Mouton, Cornell College
Daniel Lambert, California State University, Los Angeles
Herlinda Dabbah, UNAM
Estelle Tarica, University of California, Berkeley
Victoria Silver, University of California, Irvine
A Campana, Tufts University
Rachelle Gold, Ph.D., North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC
Maria Plochocki, City University of New York
Yvonne Bezrucka, University. of Verona
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Alice Hazard, King’s College London
Maria Brewer, University of Minnesota
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Matthew Lane, STLCC
Corina L. Petrescu, The University of Mississippi
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Molly Campbell, University of New Hampshire
Susan Courtney, University of South Carolina
Barbara Eckstein, University of Iowa, US
Amy Emm, The Citadel
Millie Gimmel, University of Tennessee
Chantal Berthet, MLA member
Jennifer Wollock, Texas A&M University
Terese Lyons, MLA
Caroline Heafey, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Elizabeth Fay, University of Massachusetts Boston
Emily Hyde, Rowan University
John Ziegler, Bronx Community College, CUNY
Susan Garman, Marymount California University
Gloria J. Ascher, Associate Professor Emerita, Tufts University
Barbara E. Hamilton, Mercer County Community College
Kimberly Alarcon, Alvernia University
Mary M. Bendel-Simso, McDaniel College
Brian Bernards, University of Southern California
Diane Nemec Ignashev, Carleton College; Moscow State University
Kirk Glaser, Senior Lecturer, Santa Clara University
Kathryn McKnight, University of New Mexico
Rafael Ramirez Mendoza, Emory University
Vincent J. Cheng, University of Utah
Rowena Galavitz, Indiana University
Joan E. Schnell, MLA member, Adjunct Professor of English, Indian River State College
Tracie Amend, Idaho State University
Alma Rosa Alvarez, Southern Oregon University
Stephanie Lindemann, Georgia State University
Peter Foley, independent scholar/writer
Hilary Thompson, Bowdoin College
Tina Chiappetta-Miller, University of Connecticut
John Halligan, Linguistic Society of America
Manuel F. Pulido, Penn State
Arnaldo Ciccotelli, University of South Florida
Katharina Pabst, University of Toronto
Stephen Bernstein, University of Michigan – Flint
Edith Leni, Monterey Peninsula College
Britni Moore, University of Illinois
Nicte Fuller Medina, UCLA
Rita Yazbeck, NDU
Kristine Yu, Department of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Anne Fleche, MIT
Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, University of Arizona
Sharon Mitchler, Centralia College
Stephen Tobin, University of Michigan Linguistics Department
Kyle Garton-Gundling, Christopher Newport University
Courtney S., James Madison University
Rebecca Kanost, University of Rhode Island
Ellen Rooney, Brown University
Kathryn Mary Stahl, Retired Foreign Language and ESL teacher
Walter I Cohen, Professor of English, University of Michigan
Carlos Ramos, Wellesley College
Dr. C. Michael Waag, Murray State University (emeritus)
C Mahoney, LSA
Nancy Glazener, Modern Language Association
Mariandreína Kostantinov, Linguistics
Stacie Chadwick, LSA
Annabelle M Rea, Occidental College
Luciana d’Arcangeli, Flinders University
Steffan Webb, Plaid Cymru Gogledd Caerdydd
Katy Highet, UCL
Jusdanis Gregory, The Ohio State University
Stephanie Daffer, Santa Clara University
Dr Margaret Scott, University of Salford
William Waters, Boston University
Sylvia Veronica Morin, University of Tennessee at Martin
Bettina Rosenbladt, MLA
Nidia Schuhmacher, Brown University
Barbara Scrafford, City College of San Francisco
Thilo Joerger, Professor Emeritus, Mount Allison University, Sackville
Chiara Torriani, University of Colorado, Boulder
Joshua Maybrook, Rutgers University
Hannah Mulligan, Rutgers University
Emma Kafalenos, Washington University
Jennifer Johnson, University of California
Anthony Hutchison, University of Nottingham
Susana Rubio, Molloy College
Amy Shuman, OSU
Sarah Nurkanovic, Heinrich-Heine University, Duesseldorf
Annie Olivier, Publisher
Sharyn Emery, Indiana University Southeast
Anna Keefe, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
Eric Eisner, George Mason University
Lisa Friedli, Portland State University
Tonia Bleam, University of Maryland
Javier Valiente, Johns Hopkins University
Rebecca Wall, Emeritus Professor of English, Winston-Salem State University
Gina L Greco, Portland State University
Nancy Romig, Modern Language Association
William J. Poser, freelance linguist
Will Leben, Stanford University
Daniel McCloy, University of Washington
Adam Lifshey, Georgetown University
Maya Keshav, UC Santa Barbara
Edward Jahn, George Mason University
Quinn G, University of Calgary
Margaret Cychosz, University of California, Berkeley
Hiroyuki Oshita, Ohio University
Francine Frank, Professor Emerita, University at Albany, SUNY
Jonathan Bobaljik, Harvard University
Doug Merchant, University of Georgia
Adam Singerman, University of Chicago
Jennifer Horan, Bryant University
Dylan Ross, University of California, Los Angeles
Bernard Spolsky, Bar-Ilan University
Linda Lanz, LinguaForge, LLC
Gísli Rúnar Harðarson, University of Iceland
Susan Kalt,
Carol Ekstrom, University of Arizona
Anne Glynn, Modern Language Association
Stacy Hartman, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Mary Bucholtz, University of California, Santa Barbara
Janice M. Aski, The Ohio State University
Brigitte Humbert, Middlebury College
Michael Marlo, University of Missouri
Lucy Thomason, Smithsonian Institution
Thomas J Donahue, Professor emeritus St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia
Martha Booker Johnson, The Ohio State University
Noah Nelson, University of Arizona
N. S. Boone, Harding University
Olivia Choplin, Elon University
Claire Lavagnino, UCLA
Carol M. Andrews, Retired Associate Professor of English
Dianne Vipond, CSU, Long Beach
Megan Ewing, Modern Language Association
Ronald Johnson, MLA member
Mary Waters, Wichita State University
Satoko Kakihara, California State University, Fullerton
Ariana H. Magdaleno-Yntema, University of Miami
Michael J Rulon, Northern Arizona University
Andrew Levitas, M.D., Rowan University-SOM (Retired)
Julia Gonzalez Calderon, UCLA
Janice R. Showler, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of English, Holy Family University, Philadelphia, retired
Katie Martin, University of British Columbia Department of Linguistics
Raquel Chiquillo, University of Houston-Downtown
John M. Jee, Miami University
Jill Jepson, St. Catherine University
Carlo Caballero, professor
Marisa Trubiano, Montclair State University
Nelly Furman, Modern Language Association
Donnalee Frega, Frega Creative Enterprises, Inc.
Leila Wilson, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Samer Ali, University of Michigan
Isabella Cooper, MLA
Richard Squibbs, DePaul University
Manuel R. Montes, Ph.D., University of Toledo
Jeannine Berroteran, Modern Language Association
George Patterson, International TESOL
D Nadkarni, University of Amsterdam
Lucia Guzman, MLA
Jessica Copley, MLA
Cornelius Fortune, MLA
Christine Barkhuizen-Le Roux, PEN-Afrikaans
Brian K Stefans, UCLA Associate Professor
E S Field, MLA
Joshua Dees, LSA
Marga Stoffer, PEN Afrikaans
Isaac Ezonleh Anyimah, Language Services International
Kelsey Riggs, 7000 Languages
Mary Metzger, Western Washington University
Alex Idavoy, MLA
Neelkanth Pan, University of Delhi
Hertha D. Sweet Wong, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Rusdin Thir, Padjadjaran University
Ma M
Douglas Wolters
Isabelle Tarnowska
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Helen Mooney
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Deborah A. Cecere
Kate Edgar