One of the most talked-about free speech issues in the United States has little to do with the First Amendment, the legislature, or the courts. A set of related controversies and concerns have roiled college and university campuses, pitting student activists against administrators, faculty, and, almost as often, against other students. The clashes, centering on the use of language, the treatment of minorities and women, and the space for divergent ideas, have shined a spotlight on fundamental questions regarding the role and purpose of the university in American society. While free speech is alive and well on campus, it is not free from threats, and must be vigilantly guarded if its continued strength is to be assured.

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Jonathan Friedman
Project Director, Campus Free Speech

Adeline Lee
Program Coordinator, Campus Free Speech








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The Challenges of #MeToo and the Morally Compromised Artist
Wednesday February 13, 2019 | 12:30pm

Organized by the NCAC and PEN America and ARC, panelists debated challenges raised by #MeToo regarding exhibiting, publishing, and performing works created by morally compromised artists and writers. With Svetlana Mintcheva, Pamela Sneed, and Judith Shulevitz, moderated by Jonathan Friedman.

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