A Few Ideas from My Black Box

Orange crush. No, blue field.

Wait, green ember. Maybe red beam.

In-any-case yellow. Possibly,

Netherworld gray. Quivering purple?

Skylark white. Taking out the trash

beneath a shuddering sadness indigo.

Color of the sand in the hourglass.

Orange in the sky where you can stand

and see the dead ones waving back.

Never, never, never loose the feeling blank.

Thin line of chartreuse separating

dream from disaster. All the while ravens

gathering above the graveyard.

You’re already too late forest green.

A sign that they’re gone forever beige.

Now the moonlight in heaps of nothing

upon the doorstep, shimmering pink.

Portal to who knows what burnt

umber. Trial by fire silver blue.

Hand dipped in river hand color.

Final color zero flare death stare.


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