3: Tribes

Tribes features PEN tributes to Langston Hughes and Yukio Mishima and features writing by authors such as Edward Said, Denis Johnson, Seamus Heaney, Sandra Cisneros, C. D. Wright, Tony Kushner, and Sherman Alexie. PEN Members discuss their literary tribes.

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Tribes: A Forum

Francisco Goldman, C. D. Wright, Mary Gaitskill, Lynn Freed, Marina Budhos, Lily Saint, Sara Crosby, Wendy Gimbel, Bob Holman, Anne Waldman, Samuel G. Freedman, Annabel Davis-Goff, Meena Alexander 


Sherman Alexie, Divided Highway
Sandra Cisneros, Those Who Don’t
Bessie Head, Woman from America
Ian Frazier, The Bloomsbury Group Live at the Apollo
Yukio Mishima, Sacrifice


Frederick Seidel, Four Poems
William Carlos Williams, At the Ball Game
María Negroni, Islandia


Tony Kushner, Homebody


Ann Snitow, Lacrimae Rerum
Michael Moore, White Fright
John D’Agata, Two Essays
Edward Said, Departures
Louise Erdrich, Tribes on Tape
Denis Johnson, Loving You
Dorothy Gallagher, No
Marie Arana, Pishtacos
Amitav Ghosh, Past Tense
Seamus Heaney, Seeing Green

Tributes to Langston Hughes and Yukio Mishima

Arnold Rampersad, Willie Perdomo, Sonia Sanchez, Margo Jefferson, Langston Hughes, John Nathan, Jay McInerney, Hortense Calisher, Eikoh Hosoe, William T. Vollmann.

Lagniappe: Literary Manifestos

Nunism, Oulipo, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, Personism, The Beats, An African Tradition of the Surreal, Négritude, Harlem Renaissance, Revolutionism, Surrealism, De Stijl, Dada, Futurism, Ultraism, Vorticism, Imagism, Symbolism