Monday, April 28 2:00pm Readings: Nine Plays from Five Continents
  7:00pm Opening Night: On the Edge
Tuesday, April 29 10:00am

Workshop—Susan Choi on The Role of “Place” in Creativity and Storytelling

  1:00pm Workshop—John Freeman: This is Where I Was Calling From


Readings: Nine Plays from Five Continents
Dorota Masłowska, Chong Wishing, Raimondo Cortese

  6:30pm A Literary Safari    
  7:00pm Master/Class: Adonis and Jorie Graham with Khaled Mattawa
  7:00pm Babette’s Feast 2.0: Scandinavia House
  8:00pm Lina Saneh/Rabih Mroué: 33 RPM and a Few Seconds
  9:00pm Obsession: Eileen Myles on Spoilage and Ruination of Other Kinds
Wednesday, April 30 10:00am Workshop—Gado: Drawing a Protest Line
  1:00pm Workshop—n+1: How to Do Theory in a Literary Magazine
  2:00pm Readings: Nine Plays from Five Continents -Raimondo Cortese, Huzir Sulaiman, Elfriede Jelinek
  6:00pm Moving Beyond the Wall: A Talk with Author Maxim Leo
  7:00pm Lina Saneh / Rabih Mroué: 33 RPM and a Few Seconds
  7:00pm Literary Quartet: Two on Two 
Siri Hustvedt, Geert Mak, Josef Winkler, Sjón
  7:00pm The FBI Was Never the Same: 1971 Screening and Discussion
  7:00pm Literature of the Great War
  7:00pm Literary Death Match
  9:00pm Lina Saneh / Rabih Mroué: 33 RPM and a Few Seconds
  9:00pm Obsession: Emily Bazelon on Childhood Demons
Thursday, May 1 10:00am Workshop—Jackson Taylor: Literary Forms in Prison, or From the UNI to the FREE!
  1:00pm Workshop—Siri Hustvedt: Why One Story and Not Another?
  6:00pm Resonances: Contemporary Writers on the Classics
  6:00pm The Nuyorican Poets Cafe
  7:00pm Talking about Taboos: An evening of Dutch and Flemish Literature with Words without Borders
  7:00pm Fiction and Poetry Reading: Dan Chiasson and Lydia Davis
  7:00pm Writing War
  7:00pm Babette’s Feast 2.0: 101 Spring Street
  7:00pm Global Food: Over the Edge
  9:00pm Obsession: Jennifer Boylan on Lost Loves
Friday, May 2 10:00am Workshop—Sarah McNally: Why Books Sell
  10:00am The Literary Mews
  1:00pm Workshop—Deborah Solomon: How to Conduct an Interview
  6:00pm Is the Artist Present?
  8:00pm Dylan Live: A Tribute to Dylan Thomas
  8:00pm Literary Quartet: Two on Two 
Maxim Leo, Alona Kimhi, Zia Haider Rahman, Linn Ullmann, Brigid Hughes, Christopher Bollen
  9:00pm Translation Slam
  9:00pm Obsession: Dan Savage on Plaques and Trophies
Saturday, May 3 10:00am Workshop—Tracy K. Smith: The Weight of Objects
  1:00pm Translating on the Edge
  1:00pm Creativity and Craft in Asylum
  1:00pm Workshop—Francine Prose: Words versus Ideas
  1:00pm Un Paso Adelante: Poets from the Workers Justice Center (Kingston, NY)
  2:00pm Asia Society and The Japan Foundation present: Monkey Business
  3:00pm “Bad Women”: When Women Break the Rules
  3:00pm How to Write a (Super) Hero
  3:00pm Broken Dreams in Two Acts: 25 Years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall
  5:00pm Balkan Literature
  7:00pm Who Owns the Mind?
  7:30pm Interview Magazine: The Re-Interview with Martin Amis and Michael Stipe
  8:00pm Babette’s Feast 2.0: Invisible Dog
  9:00pm Obsession: Masha Gessen on Citizen-Victims
Sunday, May 4 12:30pm Sex and Violence in Children’s Books: Where the Wild Things (really) Are
  2:30pm In Conversation: Osama Alomar and Lydia Davis with Sjon
  4:00pm In Conversation: Timothy Garton Ash and Salman Rushdie
  4:30pm Master/Class: László Krasznahorkai and Colm Tóibín
  6:00pm Arthur Miller Freedom to Write Lecture: Colm Tóibín