Graham Joyce, for “An Ordinary Soldier of the Queen”

Kristen Sundberg Lundstrum, for “The Nursery”

E.V. Slate, for “Purple Bamboo Park”

John Burnside, for “The Bell Ringer”

Mohan Sikka, for “Uncle Musto Takes a Mistress”

L.E. Miller, for “Kind”

Alistair Morgan, for “Icebergs”

Roger Nash, for “The Camera and the Cobra”

Manuel Muñoz, “Tell Him About Brother John”

Caitlin Horrocks, “This Is Not Your City”
          Ha Jin, for “The House Behind a Weeping Cherry”

Paul Theroux, for “Twenty-two Stories”

Judy Troy, “The Order of Things”

Nadine Gordimer, for “A Beneficiary”

Viet Dinh, for “Substitutes”

Karen Brown, “Isabel’s Daughter”

Marisa Silver, for “The Visitor”

Paul Yoon, for “And We Will Be Here”

Andrew Sean Greer, for “Darkness”

Junot Diaz, for “Wildwood”

Since 1919, twenty stories have been chosen each year and collected in the annual O. Henry Prize Stories, whose original and present mission is to strengthen the art of the short story. Now in partnership with PEN, the PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories continues the tradition of recognizing excellence in the short story and encouraging writers and readers alike to celebrate the form.

Past Winners

A.S. Byatt, Anthony Doerr, and Tim O’Brien