Norah Tafuri

Norah Tafuri is working toward a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Critical Social Thought, with a nexus in Journalism, Media and Public Discourse at Mount Holyoke College. Before PEN America, Norah was an anchor and news writer with the non-profit, community driven communications and technology hub Amherst Media. Likewise,

they were a staff writer for their college’s publication Mount Holyoke News. They are currently a member of Portland Outright, an organising group founded on the cultural tradition of resistance,

solidarity and care in working class LGBTQ+ communities. Furthermore, they are a researcher and journalist with the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal. They are passionate about storytelling, media literacy, community journalism, and believe in the transformative potential of the people’s exchange and collective search of knowledge. They look forward to strengthening their skills as a journalist and organiser in conjunction with PEN America’s mission.