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Melvin William Joseph Vogt

I was born on the 18th of December 1941 at 12:44:07 a.m. At the tender young age of nine years, I started to run away from home. I wound up becoming a chronic runaway. I ran away at 9 on a cold winter day of November 1950 and never returned until I was an adult. I was born in Baltimore City Hospital, Baltimore City, Maryland. From the tender age of nine to 17 ½ or twenty, I lived on the streets of Baltimore City, sleeping wherever I felt safe from the sick perverted child molesters who seemed to prey on runaway children. From nine to 17 ½ I survived the best way I could, stealing food, milk, orange juice, donuts, raisin breads from people’s porches and doorsteps, vestibules and food boxes on porches/steps. Back in those times, the bakeries, grocery, milkman would deliver food to people’s homes 2-3-4 a.m. I would always arrive before daylight. I also ate out of people’s garbage cans, bakeries’ garbage cans, etc. For three years, 9 to 12, I slept and lived in a Salvation Army donation clothing box,

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