Jermon Clark

I was born October 7, 1978 in Oakland, California. Due to my mother’s addiction to heroin, by the age of seven, I was introduced to the infamous drug-infested streets of California.

Shuffled back and forth between family members and foster homes, at the age of 12, I was able to find a bit of stability moving down south to reside with my father (my first encounter with this man) in Marshall, Texas.

At the age of 15, I was convicted of being the driver in a carjacking that ended fatally, netting me a 50-year sentence in federal prison.

Eleven years into my sentence, I met a woman (a dear friend, Consuelo Johar) who encouraged me to write my story, an autobiography I called I’ll Never Be Normal.

Writing has enabled me to heal old wounds, find serenity in dealing with my situation, has ignited the fire in me to self-actualize, and at the same time helped me discover a hidden talent that impels me to walk down paths of righteousness regardless of my circumstances.