Jeje Mohamed

Jeje Mohamed is the senior manager for digital safety and free expression at PEN America. She oversees the training program and resource development for journalists, academics, and writers, equipping them with tools, safety tips, and resources to defend themselves against online harassment. She has over a decade of experience in journalism, human rights, and safety and security. She provides training, practical tools, and strategies for journalists and activists on trauma-informed and identity-aware digital safety, physical safety, de-escalation, and psychological first aid. She has worked as a journalist in Egypt and the United States, producing documentaries and podcasts on human rights abuses.

Prior to joining PEN America, she was a Next-Gen Safety Trainers fellow with the International Women’s Media Foundation, developing holistic safety training programs and incident response support for journalists. She has created campaigns and programs to address racial disparities and human rights violations in the US, the MENA region, and for Egyptians both at home and living in exile. She has also developed programs to help survivors of sex trafficking, connecting them with resources and advocating with different stakeholders to address the issue.

Recent Publications

Not Helpless, Not Silenced: What to Do if You Are Experiencing or Witnessing Online Abuse
Ms. Magazine, January 2024

Rape Threats, Misogynist Slurs, Sexual Harassment and Doxing: How Online Abuse Is Used to Intimidate, Discredit and Silence
Ms. Magazine, January 2024

“Outdated headline sparks vicious online hate campaign directed at Las Vegas newspaper”
AP News, September 2023