J.E. Wantz

Besides my award-winning essay “Feeling(s) Cheated,” I am the author of one full-length science fiction novel, Storm Holding (unpublished), dozens of wide-ranging short stories and personal essays (also unpublished), and several one act plays (yes, you guessed it . . . unpublished) that have been performed in the gated community in which I currently live. As an active member in a creative writing group for the last four years, my need to put pen to paper has become a life-changing compulsion (and that’s a good thing). My writing has led my mind, and several of my regular readers’ minds, to many places that our bodies are as yet unable to go.

I work as a Library Clerk (a job I love), providing me access to myriad books, which I voraciously read. Though prospects look dim beyond the next five years, after which I am scheduled to leave prison for the uncertainty and unlikelihood of societal acceptance, I tenaciously cling to the now and let my pen roam free. I love the writing process, but am wo

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