Christian J. Weaver

My name is Christian J. Weaver and I am 34 years old. I am serving my eighth year of a life sentence for First Degree Murder.

I was an addict and a schizophrenic when I committed my crime, but while in jail I had a powerful conversion—a “Road to Damascus” experience—and my life ever since has been full of growth, healing, and perpetual creativity.

My completed work includes 2 short plays, one full length play, a large collection of poetry, and a book of essays and aphorisms. I have been published off and on in small magazines and periodicals, and my prison newspaper column, “The Pen and the Sword,” had a six-year run.

I won an Honorable Mention and a Second Place award for Poetry in 2010 (in their respective categories) for past submissions to the PEN Prison Writing Contest.