Richard Knox
PO Box 69
London, OH 43140


As I sit within my cell…within the mess I’ve made
I sense another self inside amused at dreams mislaid
Dreams and plans—and intentions gone astray
And I wonder about this self that watched me lose my way

Who is this other self that haunts my peace of mind
That beckons me come hither—leave my common sense behind
That preys upon my judgement and leaps with rash appeal
And clouds my thoughts and reason with perspectives so unreal

Who is this self—this friend—who never gives but takes
Who twists me right and left, and bends me out of shape
Who watches me build castles—then crumbles them to sand
Without a thought or sorrow for dreams that I had planned

Who is this other self—this lurking undertone
That distorts my good intentions, and speaks to me alone
Who is this dreaded self, so unlike my hope to be
Is it just a passing shadow, or…God help me, is it me!