The Erosional World

Polar bear Killed by the cold
Lighting bombs flashing from hidden cannons
Storm of bombs racing after birds of snow
Sclerotic veins of naked branches
Stroked Water
Groups of refugees climbing the hills with hanging heads
Old men
Flies repulsed by their stench
Lice crawling from their heads
A mother thrashing in the mud
Holding her slaughtered child in her arms
Screaming: Let me sew his wounds with the nerves of my heart
If the sun knew how my soul burns
Its heat would waste in minutes
How can I cry ?
The cold has frozen my tears in my eyes!

No heat in julys sun
No fragrance in the Jasmine
No pleasure in the delicious meals of the hungry
The air has no power to keep us alive
The jungle law has devoured civilization
Full moon without shine
World without love
There my sister was assaulted
Thirty soldiers took their turns
Taking their sadistic demands from her screams
Human rights
A deer attacked by the rabid wolves of injustice
My tears have wet the ducks feathers
The bombs are dense in the air
Exploding against one another 
Oh son of man! Your worst enemy is your own humanity.

My Dear Dog

My dear dog
I know you would like to talk with me
The way I do with you
I see noble conversation
Your eyes burn with the desire for expression
If you were the only creature who loved me
That would mean that I am a good human being
If only you could speak
My dear dog
Oh mute angel teach mankind the greatest lesson in principles.

A Lonely Travelers

We travel through space spotted by stars
The highly advanced shuttles are racing
There isnt even silence in space
We pass through lagoon nebulas and orion nebulas
Between andromeda and black holes
There isnt even darkness in the universe
The gasoline is exhausted
We are terrified
There is no perspiration from fatigue
No beating of the heart from the flooding of terror
Oh god! Have mercy on us.